Woman breaks the bank over man

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Kalispell Police Department responded to a call about a woman screaming for help who was allegedly being pushed by a man. The man calimed she jumped in front of his truck trying to keep him from leaving. He alleged she had thrown a piggy bank at him earlier. The woman and their son were purportedly supposed to be “gone from his home.”

Police received a phone call from a man who said he was waiting at an entrance to the fairgrounds with his girlfriend and their child when someone allegedly threw a glass bottle from a moving vehicle, which hit the 1-year-old. The child was OK.

A man claimed his landlord walked by his door and “called him a bad name” then told him to meet him outside so “he could kick his (expletive).”

A nervous man who “looked grungy” allegedly showed up at someone’s home, claiming a mortgage company hired him to get information. When the resident answered the door he supposedly said he was at the wrong location and drove to a neighbor’s house. Extra patrol was requested.

Someone wanted police to check on the welfare of a man who allegedly had a sword in his backpack and was sitting across the road from a property where he had been “trespassed from.” The person calling in the report said the man sleeps in the bushes.

A concerned mother said her teen son was part of group chat where another youth was sending nude photos. She reportedly wanted to “make sure” law enforcement knew it was not her son who was sending the inappropriate pictures and requested that the parents of the “offending juvenile” be contacted and advised about the situation.

A man received a phone call from a scammer alleging he need to “clear up a warrant” by wiring them money and told police he gave them the last four digits of his social security number.

A man alleged his girlfriend tried to run him over with her vehicle.

A man allegedly found a metal tin with a pot leaf on it shoved inside a tree branch. The tin supposedly contained half of a joint.

Kids reportedly started banging a man’s motor home and abandoned a shopping cart in front of it. The man walked out of the RV and they took off running.

The same man purportedly went looking for the individuals responsible and banged on the back door of a building. When someone opened the door to speak to him, he shined a flashlight in their face advising them he was looking for several people in the area who knocked on his motor home. When he walked away, the person saw a pistol in his waistband and was concerned that he was out looking for people with a weapon. The caller was advised the situation had been handled and the man had been counseled.

A woman told police there were people removing items form a neighbor’s house who was supposedly in jail and said it had been an ongoing issue for the past three days. When she approached the people they allegedly said the owner gave them permission to move items. One of the people reportedly was taken into custody and a tow truck called to remove a vehicle.

Someone was suspicious about a man who came up to their porch supposedly wanting to borrow an extension cord and “the only way he could have known it was there is if he had been in their backyard.”

A woman’s boyfriend allegedly kicked her, threw things at her and was holding a gun and screaming in her face.

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