Scantily clad man reported to police

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A man spotted in an alley wearing only a “very small loincloth” was reported to the Kalispell Police Department.

Another man was spotted crawling in a road.

A retail store employee found a bag of marijuana in the parking lot and asked a police officer to retrieve it.

A man reported being blackmailed by social media contacts asking for money so they wouldn’t post a video of him online.

A mother apparently punched her son because she was “trying to stop him from throwing his violin.”

Someone complained about young teenage boys “walking and looking in mailboxes.”

The son of a woman who apparently purchased a snow blower called the police to figure out what to do because the machine “doesn’t run like they said it does.”

A homeowner reported children who have thrown rocks and then run away from her house repeatedly.

Someone reported a vehicle she considered “suspicious” that had come to her neighborhood at night. She was worried the driver might “be casing the area,” but the police felt there was “no reason as to why” she would come to that conclusion.

Someone’s young teenaged grandchildren who don’t have driver’s licenses stole her vehicle, but later returned home with it.

A woman complained someone left a “creepy note” on her work vehicle.

An argument broke out in a store over someone cutting another customer in line.

A pickup truck without license plates ran through numerous stop signs.

Someone reported a chihuahua in a car with the windows cracked. A police officer responded to the situation and informed the caller those concerns were “unfounded” since the dog was “alert, active and barking” and did “not appear to be in heat distress.”

Someone reported the theft of a collection of items that apparently had significant personal value. The missing items included a nail file, body spray, bottle of hand sanitizer, eyeglass case and $11.

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