Drinking leads to confusion over keys

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Kalispell Police Department received a call from a woman who was slurring her words and reportedly said the emergency was that “Ashley took Amy’s keys.” Amy got on the line and told dispatchers there was no emergency and they didn’t need police, fire or medical help, and would sober up and call back tomorrow if they still wanted to report something.

Someone noticed a 1- or 2-year-old in a child seat in a running vehicle for about five minutes and didn’t see any adults around.

A passerby saw two boys chase geese with sticks and told them to stop, but they reportedly refused.

A customer reported two teens allegedly were recording each other jumping over the hoods of vehicles in a parking lot.

An employee was suspicious of a man who reportedly kept going into a parking lot looking into vehicles, then running back out to a field. He was wearing a red shirt, which he took off and continued his jaunts. He was moved along.

An intoxicated pedestrian fell in the road and got up only to fall again on Hutton Ranch Road. The woman was seen lying on the ground and had minor scrapes and bruises.

A woman claimed a homeless man, who was told not to hang around the area, was out front on the street. The woman alleged he was not being disorderly, he was “just waiting for a female that lives at the apartments, so they can do drugs together.” The caller added that he slept in a neighbor’s shed and “glares at her and other residents anytime they are coming or going.” Police made contact with the man who was not on the property, but went on his way.

Someone called to complain about the man “that stands outside and puts his cigarettes out on the sidewalk right outside the front door,” and wanted an officer to tell the man “he can’t smoke right there.” She was advised to notify her building manager. Police were unable to locate the smoker and didn’t see any signs on the front of the building stating “no smoking.” The officer noted if the man lived at the apartment building the issue would be a civil complaint.

Someone called 911 alleging there were squatters living in a residence they broke into, but when dispatchers asked for more information the caller said “you have to come if I hang up,” and the line disconnected. The caller said the house belonged to her brother who was arrested. It may have turned out that no one was trespassing, it was just a disagreement and parties were separated.

Another person called 911 for a non-emergency to report a tenant allegedly sitting outside blasting music when people were trying to sleep. They were told to call back using the non-emergency phone number. The music was turned off and parties were separated.

A woman calling from Montana 35 in Bigfork told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office a business sign had been taken off posts and tire marks were found around it. The woman had a suspect in mind.

A woman calling from Bailey Drive in Columbia Falls was reportedly hit in the face by a man at a party “around the corner.” The woman was reportedly rambling, slurring her words and repeating to herself that he hit her so hard she fell to the ground and wanted to press charges.

A woman got a “bad feeling” from two men near a trailhead. One of the men, who had missing front teeth, reportedly approached her asking questions about her bike. She thought it seemed like the man was trying to position her between himself and the other man.

Someone calling from Bold Peak Road in Marion and claiming to be with “Salt Lake Air Traffic Control” said someone flashed a laser at an airplane in flight about 12 miles south of Carson Field Airstrip, near Lost Prairie Skydiving.

A 12-year-old calling from Evergreen alleged his grandfather punched him and he was having a hard time breathing, but didn’t need an ambulance and had locked himself in the bathroom. He claimed his grandmother had hit him with a spoon after he told her to be quiet when she yelled at him and he pushed her away, which led to the punch. He reportedly had been hit by his grandfather before, but never called for help.

A man said his ’96 motor home was taken for a joy ride in the woods and was damaged when it was returned.

A man calling from Woodland Park Drive in Kalispell reported his brown suitcase containing personal documents, such as his birth certificate, was stolen from the park. He reportedly had left the heavy suitcase in some bushes because the wheels were broken. He said whoever took the bag called him and told him to meet him at a bar, but didn’t show up.

A Kalispell resident was probably alarmed when a man came to her house, had a photo of it, and said he was there to meet an escort and then sat in front of her residence for awhile until her son went out to talk to him. Deputies made contact with the man, who claimed he was trying to help a fellow Marine from being scammed. The Marine allegedly was receiving text messages from a Google app showing the address and said he would be happy to show the messages to a detective. An out-of-state phone number reportedly used gave Google texting app messages when dialed. He was advised not to return to the woman’s address.

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