Woman loves to call cops ‘for no reason’

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A guest at a Kalispell motel called to complain about a street vendor she claimed “is constantly harassing kids.” However, it later came to light the caller “is always calling the cops on people for no reason” and “she is not a victim of anything,” according to the Kalispell Police Department.

When a 911 call dropped, the dispatcher called back and apparently heard “children screaming…play screaming.”

It was unclear whether a woman was still married to the man she discovered had pushed her air conditioning unit out of the window.

A woman in Kalispell was walking her dog when another dog bit her hand but didn’t break the skin.

A man needed to be taken to the hospital after he “drank a pint of vodka.” Despite being “severely intoxicated,” he was “compliant” with law enforcement.

A child was reported missing in Kalispell after it was suspected he got on the wrong school bus. He was located within 15 minutes.

A stolen bike with its lock still attached was “dumped” at someone’s house.

A man with cameras on his house thought it was suspicious people were coming into the house he is selling. At the suggestion of law enforcement, he checked with his real estate agents and learned they were showing the house.

A neighbor saw a driver repeatedly steal someone else’s mail.

Two young males reportedly “started a plane and then left” the airport. It hadn’t been reported as a stolen plane, so law enforcement explained there was nothing they could do at the time.

Someone in Washington state called the Columbia Falls Police Department because he didn’t want his family members traveling in the area to contact his child’s mother who may or may not live in Columbia Falls.

Someone left a car unlocked and a backpack with a pair of shoes was stolen out of the vehicle. The caller simply wanted the police to log the information.

Someone called to let the police know about pedestrian signs that were knocked down, but they had already been notified about this pressing issue.

A man who uses blood thinners needed medical help after he was punched in the face.

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