Woman threatens with knickknacks

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A Reserve Place resident in Kalispell alleged a woman was harassing her, leaving knickknacks and numerous notes on her door — some of them stating “we are watching you.” Flathead County Sheriff’s Office advised the resident to apply for a temporary restraining order if she felt threatened and to call 911 if an emergency arose.

A woman calling from Evergreen Drive told officers two people were allegedly verbally fighting in a living room and wanted them removed. She was counseled on how to properly evict a roommate.

Possibly the same woman called later to report another woman for supposedly causing trouble, yelling at her, calling her names and threatening “to burn the house down to the ground.” The caller reportedly said she wanted the woman out of her house because she was “being a bully.” Parties separated and were counseled.

A man outside of Columbia Falls told deputies that he and his girlfriend had been inside a car with people who kept threatening her with physical violence so they got out of the vehicle, but were followed for awhile. The man claimed the person causing the issue was his ex and was concerned she would come back to cause problems. He also wanted information on getting a temporary restraining order.

A man calling from Third Street in Columbia Falls reported a storage unit and shed had been broken into and two hunting rifles, a lawnmower, ice house, two deer mounts and other items were missing. The man was reportedly most concerned about recovering the stolen deer mounts.

Someone wasn’t so happy in Happy Valley when a church sign was allegedly damaged after someone hit it with a snow shovel and it was found “destroyed” on Antelope Trail in Whitefish. Extra patrol was requested.

A woman calling from Hutton Ranch Road allegedly followed a vehicle that almost ran her off the road.

A resident on Eighty Drive in Somers told officers someone he didn’t know came onto his property. He reportedly told officers he was having problems with people “in the HOA” coming onto the property.

Someone allegedly threw a rock through a woman’s car window and stole her wallet in Kalispell.

A man on Oregon Street in Kalispell requested extra patrol because “lots of odd people” were supposedly showing up at another residence during “weird hours.”

Kalispell Police Department received a report from a high school administrator that a couple of parents were being disorderly at a basketball game. One parent was escorted out.

A woman reportedly told police her husband took her keys so that she would give him money and was afraid to go outside of a lobby thinking he would also take her purse. Arrangements were made for a relative to pick her up.

A maintenance employee thought it was odd after seeing man reportedly wearing a white face mask over his mouth, walking through a store parking lot and by apartments, then jumping a fence to walk through trees along a creek.

A hotel employee allegedly wanted police to quiet “kids running around the hotel and disrespecting him.” The rambunctious kids were allegedly damaging property by “climbing on things,” according to the man, and their parents were not doing anything but becoming hostile.

A bouncer allegedly told a customer to call police, fearing a man was “trying to fight people.” An officer arrived on the scene and attempted to stop a fight between two men when one of the men tried to fight the officer and was detained in handcuffs and later released. Both men were said to be very intoxicated.

A front desk employee was suspicious that people were trying to break into hotel rooms after reportedly seeing a scruffy man with tools in an “employee only” area and a woman who appeared as if she was being a lookout. The pair supposedly left in a truck when the employee spotted them. Police planned to do extra patrol.

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