Woman with pizza delivers slice of suspicion

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A woman reportedly seen wearing a red backpack and carrying a pizza while walking back and forth in front of a house that was “raided last week” delivered a hot slice of suspicion to a neighbor who called Kalispell Police Department.

A man whose blue jeans purportedly sagged just above his knees, exposing his red boxers, was seen flipping people off and cursing them while walking toward Woodland Avenue.

Someone was probably dismayed to come home from work only to find a beer bottle had allegedly been thrown at their house, breaking a window. The person said it was an ongoing issue but they didn’t know who the rapscallion behind the destruction could be.

A man reportedly buying a foreclosed home that contained a lot of personal items and vehicles from the previous owners was not sure what to do with all of it after the bank told him the things still belonged to the previous owners.

Someone had a new incident of harassment to share with police after supposedly reporting one two years ago. The new issue was allegedly with someone who used to date another person in their apartment complex. One of the two, it wasn’t clear who from the information provided, kept harassing their children by accusing them of stealing his motorcycle.

Flathead County Sheriff’s Office received calls about an intoxicated man seen stumbling around the road and falling in front of cars on Shady Lane in Evergreen. The man reportedly fell in front of a delivery truck and continued to stumble around while vehicles almost hit each other as they drove around to avoid him. A truck driver reportedly told officers he was slowly following the man with the hazard lights on as a safety precaution until another truck driver pulled over with their hazard lights on and attempted to help the man who, by this time, started walking down Pleasant Lane.

A Whitefish woman was greeted by three “neigh”bors of the equine persuasion in her driveway on Armory Road. The horse owner retrieved them.

A man and woman were allegedly seen screaming, punching and lunging at each other in a vehicle driving all over U.S. 2 in Kalispell.

A woman calling from Brady Way in Whitefish may have been ghosted by a Kansas company she reportedly paid to transport her vehicle to Montana when the vehicle hadn’t arrived and they weren’t responding to her.

Law enforcement tagged a large horse trailer on Rusty Trail in Kalispell after someone called to complain it had been parked there for about a week and thought the garbage truck wouldn’t be able to get around it. The caller attempted to call a number on the side of the trailer, but it was a disconnected phone number.

A business owner calling from Manning Road in Kalispell was reportedly concerned someone was misusing their business phone number after a man called yelling and screaming at them for purportedly “scam calling” him. Officers contacted the business owner and said the phone number was probably spoofed and they would try to reach out to the angry man to advise him of the issue.

Although a woman on Fourth Street in Martin City allegedly told neighbors to put out whatever they were burning that was “stinky and toxic” to no avail and she wanted to know what her rights were.

Someone calling from Montana 40 in Columbia Falls wanted officers to remove people from a cabin out of concern that drug activity was going on because the cabin dwellers wouldn’t let housekeepers in, but when they did, they wouldn’t let them in one of the rooms and the place had a strange odor. There was also supposedly a lot of vehicles coming and going from the cabin.

A woman hanging out with a “weird” man was allegedly doing drugs in the bathroom of a Ninth Street business in Columbia Falls.

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