Letters to the editor Feb. 11

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Kitty critic

I hope that your newspaper will advises your community to bring their pets INSIDE when the temperatures fall as far DOWN as they have been falling lately. Why return the cat, Fluffy, to its clearly irresponsible “owners” without seriously reprimanding them? My suggestion: Make the owners spend a freezing night or two in a snowdrift…

—Mary Fitzgerald, Billings

What are our priorities?

Today I am enjoying the “Answer Book” enclosed with the Inter Lake with all the animal help groups listed. While doing this I have radio on and listening to some commentary about the laws recently passed in New York and now potentially in Virginia. This law allows abortion right up until birth. I am reading about all these organizations for welfare and adoption of animals. Now I am an animal person, have had all kinds of animals during my life. Currently have a 32-year-old horse who packed in the Bob for us and believe he deserves our home until he dies. I can not understand people not raising Cain about the legalization of murdering babies. When did we become a society that cares more about animals than humans?

—Kathy Frame, Bigfork

School leftovers

I see another one of the endless school levy requests coming up that keep adding to our property tax bills. An article in the Feb. 2 Inter lake says the district is hiring a public relations firm to push the levy request. To pay for it, they are using “leftover” general funds.

If they have “leftovers” why are they asking for more money? What they are doing is using leftover taxpayer money to hire a P.R. firm to pester us with annoying phone calls in hopes of getting more taxpayer money. They usually say, “it’s for the kids.” I say it’s for the bloated administration, teacher benefits, assistants and aides who only work nine months a year with countless days off.

In the legal section a while back, the district said they are hiring an insider as “assistant winter cheerleading coach.” REALLY! Do they have a summer cheerleading coach and an assistant summer cheerleading coach also? Are the winter cheerleading coaches duties so vast that an assistant is needed? If they have enough money to hire an assistant winter cheerleading coach, they DON’T NEED ANY MORE MONEY!

Heaven forbid the levy fails and in their drastic, bare-bones cuts, they have to eliminate this position. Where would all the students who choose cheerleading as a career get their proper training?

I hope someday the taxpayers will wise up, get off their rears and VOTE NO on these countless pleas for more money. I’m sure the new assistant winter cheerleading coach will vote.

—Colin Johnson, Kalispell

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