Letters to the editor May 5

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Hold them accountable

I agree with a previous letter (“DUI system not working” May 2) that something must be done about driving under the influence, but I’m not sure the idea of a marked driver license or any other law aimed to prevent will work.

It reminds me of anti-gun laws. In my opinion, they are very short-sighted and only burden law-abiding citizens. There are cracks and holes miles wide in laws — fear of consequences from breaking laws will always be more effective. The old adage is true: “Locks only keep the honest people out.” That doesn’t mean there is no need for laws or locks, but it does take into account the fact that a law is not going to be the answer.

In the DUI case, it’s way too easy for a person with no respect for life — including their own — and no respect for the law to show up to a party that already has booze, or to sneak around the system using a “friend,” and it’s way too difficult to catch those who feed the monsters.

What we really need is for more of us to take responsibility for our part in the path to fewer of these tragedies. Instead of being quick to look to our government to solve all of society’s problems, do what we can to be an agent of change.

Harder legal and compensatory consequences would no doubt be helpful. But what about more old-fashioned, in-your-face accountability (real help) from friends, family and co-workers for those who need it? If you know of someone who drives under the influence, hold them accountable before they make the mistake that takes an innocent life and they regret for the rest of their life.

—Jason DeZell, Kalispell

Reasonable and responsible levy

I am writing to support the Kalispell Public Schools high school levy request of $1.2 million. I am a 14-year member of the Board of Trustees and serve as chair of the finance committee.

My work, particularly in the past eight years, has been to develop a more accurate budget process, improve trustee and community understanding of finances, work the budget “long game” for future needs, scrutinize line items, and trim the “fluff.”

This has resulted in administrative and operational savings, fair and consistent budgeting standards, budget cuts in some areas, and maintaining budgets in other areas. Unfortunately, we can no longer cut and “reorganize” without significant consequences to the quality of education our students receive.

The needs are real and important and include: modernizing technology, updating aging curriculum, maintaining healthy activities, providing individual and technical education through the Linderman Education Center and the Agriculture Education Center, and expanding student safety and security.

All of these areas support quality education for all students and will cost the median Kalispell homeowner about $35 a year.

Thank you for your support of our schools with this reasonable and responsible high school levy.

—Jack Fallon, Evergreen

What are the Dems thinking?

First of all I am not a fan of Trump. How could anyone like a person who constantly brags on himself and runs down others? Yes, I voted for him considering the choice we had, and still think he was the best choice by a long ways.

I am so sick of the people we send to Washington, D.C., to run this great country, Republican or Democrat, and the buck stops with us the voters. We send those slugs back time and time again after we see what they are really like no matter how they lie to us.

The one good thing that can be said for Trump is that he is trying to protect our border with his wall, although he lied about how it was going to be funded. And there is no way for me to judge the economy personally, except so much seems to cost more and the national debt is just a very bad joke.

I won’t go so far as to say the Democrats want to change us into another Latin or South American country, but they don’t seem to care if that is what happens and they for sure seem to want to change us into a socialist country. What are they really thinking? Are they only thinking about today and themselves? Do they not care about their grandchildren and those who come after and the country they will inherit? I was always taught to leave it better than when you found it. A lot of younger people won’t remember or know what I am talking about, but when ever Bernie or Elizabeth Warren speak, I can’t help but think of Castro and his speeches before he came to power. The Democrats are more interested in destroying Donald Trump than they are working toward what’s best for this country, as if he needs any help.

All this time, going on three years. the Democrats have wasted trying to bring Trump down on collusion and never once did anyone bring up the time Obama, thinking the mic was off, whispered to the Russian ambassador how he could do more with them after he was re-elected. Of course that was OK I guess. God help us because Congress sure isn’t doing the job.

—Glen Hook, Kalispell

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