Letters to the editor July 8

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Union will give nurses the representation they deserve

Shortly after the hospital moved from its Fourth Avenue East location to Buffalo Hill area, nurses wished to be unionized. There was a great effort to suppress their wishes.

It seems this new effort to be represented by a union is a long-time coming and long overdo. Many have a knee-jerk negative reaction to unions but I would be remiss if I did not remind we have weekends, eight-hour work days, paid vacation days, lunch breaks, child labor laws to name a few of our workers rights because of unions.

The nurses unionization will not harm our care or irreparably harm the hospital but will provide nurses with representation they deserve.

— Francis Khor, Kalispell

Union is not a good solution

To my coworkers who feel a union is necessary: You are not wrong in wanting to represent yourselves, however a union is not a good solution.

To my coworkers who don’t want to unionize: You are not a bad friend or coworker if you vote no for this.

To my coworkers who are uncertain of whether or not to unionize: It is your duty to research both sides of the argument and vote accordingly.

Why I’m against unionization:

1. I believe we can advocate for ourselves better than a union can. If this passes, we are subject to the desires of SEIU and the majority they represent. If we disagree with the majority, our voices are lost.

2. SEIU is a huge supporter of liberal politics. I don’t want to be represented by them. Please spend some time researching their political contributions/affiliations.

3. SEIU endorses and contributes to Planned Parenthood. I refuse to be represented by someone that supports Planned Parenthood. Again, please spend some time researching this.

4. To be forced into organized representation is a blatant violation of our constitutional rights.

5. I refuse to strike or threaten to strike; It is unethical.

6. Union representation is very expensive for nurses. Please calculate the dues you would pay over the course of your career. It’s a lot.

7. A union is not going to fix the nursing shortage we have, and I believe it will make it worse.

8. A union will contribute to the corporation being sold.

9. The issues we face can be resolved without a union, and it will be easier, less expensive, and with less risk.

We have a right to care about the impact this has on us, and we should be encouraged to vote accordingly.

—Laura Graf, Whitefish

When is a crime not a crime?

I cannot believe what I just read in your paper! The holder of two yet-to-be-issued and activated liquor licenses associated with two bars in the Yellowstone Club settles with the state of Montana Cognizant authority (Department of Revenue) for $373,000 because the holder deceived the inspector, started his liquor sales ahead of time before license issuance, and gets to keep his liquor licenses? And he does right by firing the manager responsible for this deceit?

When is a crime not a crime? There was intent to deceive by loading up the liquor into trucks, hauling the cases and cases of liquor out of the facility, and letting the inspector come in, and inspect, and then, a day later put all the liquor back and start selling it without an issued license!

Thank God for the disgruntled employee who blew the whistle on his employer’s operation! Shame on Yellowstone Club liquor license holders. They should not receive the two new liquor licenses. They should lose their other three licenses or be suspended for indefinite time periods, due to the irresponsible and/ or criminal behavior. It is OK to pay to play in Montana?. What other liquor license holder in Montana would receive the same reward for bad behavior?

—Marguerite Kaminski, Whitefish

Abortion the slavery issue of 21st century

Driving north on Spokane Avenue in Whitefish recently I approached the animated crowd of mostly women and kids waving signs and balloons. I found it ironic that all of the festivities and “Love Lives Here” signs were supporting Whitefish’s abortion clinic, All Families Clinic, where on Tuesdays and Thursdays unborn children are torn apart and disposed of like yesterday’s trash.

The general argument is that a woman has the right to control her own body. When slavery was law of the land, the argument by its supporters was that slaves were their property and others didn’t have the right to tell them what to do. The reality is that unborn children are being killed and half of them are female. What happened to their woman’s rights? I am terribly sorry that any woman would ever feel that bringing a new life into this world is inconvenient regardless of the circumstances. They should be nurtured and loved for such a beautiful occasion.

At some point in our history, the future citizens of this country are going to look back with as much shame as we do now when we read that slavery was once legal in this country. Abortion is the slavery issue of the 21st century, just as it was before the Civil War. As the early 1800s passed, the divide between the pro-slavery advocates and abolitionists grew wider. It eventually resulted in the bloodiest war this country has ever known with over 450,000 killed.

I pray to God that he will open the eyes of every pro-abortion (aka pro-choice) advocate in this country. If “love” actually lived in Whitefish, the crowd outside of the All Families Clinic would have been quietly praying outside for the clinic to close down. It is an embarrassment to this otherwise lovely community.

— Vinnie Morion, Whitefish

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