Letters to the editor July 28

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A once great agency

Thank you Mark Agather for your letter on July 15 demanding sanity from the Forest Service. You echoed my words that I’ve been preaching for three decades. I was feeling like an orphan out here; a voice in the wilderness don’t ya know.

If anyone was to roll over in their graves it would be the forest rangers of yesteryear. What has happened to this once great agency?

The old adage “out by ten” was taken seriously by the Forest Service back when. That’s why they built those lookout towers. Now I think they’re tourist attractions.

You mentioned they evaluate a fire now for 24 hours, yes and then some. Instead of jumping on the fire asap, their biggest concern is where they put the fire camp. It’s become a great Forest Service reunion and beginning to look like a carnival with all those tents.

These fires should be turned over to the state fire crews and give them access to everything the Forest Service has. If the fire is on federal land, then the money comes from the feds.

Senator Conrad Burns once commented on the modern day Forest Service and BLM firefighting policy: it’s a new government cottage industry.

Every Forest Service personnel should have to write an essay on your letter and read a book called “Blazing Forest Trails” by an old Forest Service ranger.

Again, thank you Mark Agather, and the Daily Inter Lake for printing your letter.

—Dale Terrillion, Proctor

Back in time with baseload

“Where are we going this time? Is this the 50s? Or 1999?” Remember Back to the Future? This song pops in my head when I hear the word “baseload.”

Reliable and cost-effective, carbon-free energy paired with storage can be our future. We don’t need the air polluting, soil poisoning, health-harming energy of the 50s.

Did you know an energy storage company right here in the Flathead had to go to China to get customers? Their innovative utility-scale solution is safe and reliable.

It is a shame Flathead Electric raised our prices at peak hours. Energy storage levels the peak in seconds. Smart systems charge when supply is plentiful; prevents throwing it away, aka “curtailment”.

I read Australia welcomes electric cars. Why? EVs can even out demand and reduce energy prices — it’s free energy storage for utilities.

Which technologies? Let markets decide and keep government away. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act does this. A rising carbon fee is returned to households. With that money we choose what is most economical. A monthly check is fair to middle and lower classes who have smaller carbon footprints. Make savvy low-carbon choices and even make a profit!

Companies can stay competitive with less carbon use under the Energy Innovation Act. The Border Adjustment protects U.S. manufacturers. Best of all, transitioning to this future cares for our planet.

Montanans want to preserve our environment for future generations. Help our Public Service Commission have the political will to approve healthier, reliable, resilient and cheaper energy supplies. Let our members of Congress, Rep. Gianforte, Sens. Tester and Daines, know we have their backs when they support fair transition to a carbon-free energy future.

“Gotta get back in time...” Is that song stuck in your head too?

—Robin Paone, Whitefish

Speaking for the animals

This letter to the editor is a request, actually a plea to all people who must rehome their dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, even horses in some cases. Please, please try to delve into the background of the person or the family you are about to give such a wonderful gift. You might even propose a “welfare check” on the animal in a month or two just to view the environment it has gone to. See where it sleeps, check what they are feeding and most important, really try to observe their attitude with this precious animal you have given them. Ask what vet they use or plan to use. Don’t just assume because a person or a “cute child” appears charming that your animal will be living a good life with them. You could be handing this innocent animal over to a house of horrors. Remember that old saying: Never judge a book by its cover. So true. So true.

And if you do have cats, keep in mind the Flathead Spay and Neuter Task Force. Such a truly grand organization who will work with you. As will most vets, if money is tight. Talk to your vet and ask him or her if you could work out an arrangement for having your animals, horses included, neutered or spayed or gelded.

We DO have many, many loving and kind people living amongst us — but, sadly, there are some who have no concept in knowing how to love, protect and truly cherish an animal that was given to them so freely.

I speak for the animals. I do hope you are listening.

—Brenda Anderson, Columbia Falls

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