Political truth is evasive

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Mueller did not clear Trump of obstruction of justice?

The AP headline in Thursday’s paper was misleading. I viewed the Mueller hearings. Mueller qualified when asked, “He was not stopped, curtailed or hindered in any way...”

I’m not expressing that the Inter Lake was wrong in printing an AP story, that is what news organizations do. I’m saying, dig a little deeper to get past the political misleading of Americans.

Most of us would concur; it shouldn’t matter whether we are Republican or Democrat, we should not want or choose to be right over the truth — research is the only way to achieve “facts /truth” in today’s political atmosphere.

I don’t claim to be any party, because they don’t follow their own mantra. Relatively, facts lie in records and relative to presidential candidates and the president of the United States, “facts/truth” does not lie in what the now presidential candidates are espousing they believe, nor what we are hearing about the president of the United States from the info fed to the media by individual party affiliations.

We need to know the truth. Where is it? Research videos online, because our votes will affect all Americans and what we want, because of our political affiliation, is not more important than finding the truth.

Truth isn’t politically upfront as we all would hope, so, if you are believing one news station over another, that is a big ‘OH OH’ in my experience. Media are fed information by political affiliation/party’s and they pass it on to us. So, we then hear what they want us to hear.

Republicans and Democrats are fighting amongst one another because they believe they are right. Right about what though? what they have been fed to believe?

I am mentioning Trump hate because that is what is most prevalent in the political arena today.

I searched the entire internet for a racist statement relative to President Trump. I found a video, when in his young age, he dated a black woman, and to date he has employed many women and men of race at high wages. It just is the truth, I didn’t seek out info to make Trump appear as the good guy ... the truth is what it is!

I read one Inter Lake opinion that stated “Trump didn’t read the Mueller report.” I found that he read every page. Does that make me a Republican and not a Democrat? NO, for God sakes, it means whether I like it or not that is what I discovered.

Trump is the POTUS, like it or not, and I’d rather know what he has done for our country, or, “if” he has done anything for America. (www.magapill.com) Like it or not.

Political truth is evasive, and sometimes we seek to believe what we want to believe, because in hope, we want to believe in what we represent. Hope is good, however, it is just dangerous to put that hope before facts and then act on it.

So, Mueller did express when asked about his investigation: ‘He was not stopped, curtailed or hindered in any way.”

Joanne L. Stern lives in Kalispell

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