Letters to the editor Aug. 29

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Modernize the Endangered Species Act

Itís time! Thank the Lord for President Trump who has started the process of modifying and modernizing the Endangered Species Act.

The ESA was initially intended to make certain native species of animals and other organisms would not go extinct. While it has, in some cases, been successful, unfortunately the act has been used and abused by far-left extremists and now, for that reason, needs to be revamped.

The ESA has morphed from its original intent of ďno extinctionĒ into a weapon used by extremist groups to try to reestablish populations of animals into the original territories occupied centuries ago. That wasnít the intent of the act. The grizzly bear is a prime example. There is no longer any danger of them going extinct. But still, groups are pressing to ever increase the territory they occupy no matter what the consequences are to the local populace who have and continue to lose good jobs and breathe air considered dangerous many weeks during the year.

Itís time to change the ESA so that our state and particularly our counties have a lot more input and control into any decision that affects our communities in particular and our state in general. The standard of ďextinctionĒ needs to be clarified so that any group needs to prove, without doubt, that a species will be totally eliminated from the earth before the act can be implemented unilaterally. If it is just a desire to ďrepopulate an area,Ē then all affected communities and our state need to approve any measures going forward.

While we are at it, the Equal Access to Justice Act which gives these extremist groups the power to sue, sue and sue again knowing that liberal judges will give them their money back at the conclusion of almost every lawsuit should be eliminated entirely

Sen. Jon Tester has long neglected the working people of Montana in favor of extreme environmental groups mainly because of the money he receives from them every election. Itís time to have him join Sen. Steve Daines in demanding long overdue changes to the ESA be implemented ASAP. It would be a wonderful breath of fresh air and itís sorely needed.

óMark Agather, Kalispell

Act of civility

This is the anniversary of Senator John McCainís death and his wife Cindy has asked that we celebrate his life by an act of civility. I would like to do so by complimenting the Montana Highway Department and the contractor that resurfaced LaSalle Road and U.S. 93 in Kalispell . They did a beautiful job and accomplished it with a minimum of disruption to traffic. Thank you for a job well done.

óPhillip R. Iversen, Kalispell

Angels among us

I was sitting in my garage looking over instructions how to use my newly purchased paint sprayer, when two young women stopped and wondered what I was doing. I explained that my wife and I were going to paint our garage, but we had no idea how to start. One of them said she worked for a painting contractor and had lots of experience and said she would be glad to help us get started.

The next day she showed up with two daughters and another couple who helped cleanup around the garage. They helped paint three sides and came back the following day and did the last side. When I asked if they wanted pay, they said just some apricots.

I believe they were angels sent to help an aging couple. Yes, there are angels among us.

óTony Adrignola, Rollins

Tax man

ďWe can fix your feelings! We can fix your life! Need a free salt shaker, or if you need a wife. Iím the Tax man....

Do you need cheap chicken? Iíve got 680 illegal immigrants working in my plant...real cheap!

Are your children getting nutty sitting at home with nothing to do? Iíll give them some more pills and so they donít feel so blue, because Iím the Tax man.

Did you say yaí need a coke, well Iíll give you a Koch or two thatíll keep your husband home and feel like heís living in a Zoo...because Iím the Tax-man.

Oh, thereís so much violence, and most my friends are insane, but that doesnít mean Iím to blame! Iím just the Tax-man.

So, get use to it, my little boy and little girl, you wanted to do whatever boys and girls do, so donít you ever feel blue. Iíll take care of your every need, and thatís true even if it causes you to bleed. Iím the only gun in town and if you think Iíll save your life, Iíve got someone else for you to see, and he, too, is a silly clown.

Trust me, now, donít whine or beg. I keep you safe, but Iíll take off your leg. Nothing more to fear, nothing more to cause a tear. Iím your boss, now, and I feel just fine. If you donít like it, buy yourself a bottle of wine!Ē

óMike Donohue, Kalispell

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