Letters to the editor Sept. 8

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Divide the nation into regions

The odds that Congress will reform the Electoral College are about the same odds as Congress reducing our $22 trillion dollar national debt.

However, if Congress were inclined to make a change one positive reform would be to divide the nation into four regions and every four years a new region would start the primary process. Of course, for economic reasons Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina might object. Another obstacle is that when it was Montana’s turn to start the primary process (once every 16 years), all those politicians would invade our peaceful landscape! But, on the other hand, Montana and the other Western states in our region would have some of their issues addressed and perhaps more candidates from the west would run for president.

—Jim Swab, Kalispell

Montana’s pro-life champion

As a pro-life Montanan, mother of six (biological and adoptive), I am frustrated with the Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund’s endorsement of Greg Gianforte for governor of Montana. He is currently running against two pro-life candidates in the Republican primary, one of which is my husband, Dr. Albert D. Olszewski, state senator.

Dr. Olszewski has sponsored and articulately carried multiple pro-life bills through three legislative sessions. In 2015, he drafted and carried HB 479 “Montana’s Unborn Child Pain and Suffering Prevention Act.” In 2017, he sponsored and carried SB 282, an act revising abortion laws to restrict the performance of an abortion on a viable fetus. In 2019, Dr. Olszewski brought to the floor and carried SB 354 “Montana Born-Alive Infant Protection Act.” He has stood relentlessly in the legislative arena of our state capital advocating for babies in the womb against vicious attacks from the left, including NARAL, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

The very bills SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser quoted in her endorsement of Greg were the bills my husband sponsored and carried successfully through both houses and yes, only to be vetoed by Governor Steve Bullock! Greg has never defended or brought forward bills to protect unborn babies. He votes pro-life and adds his name as a co-sponsor to bills, that’s it. Montana’s pro-life champion is Dr. Al Olszewski and the statewide pro-life communities, as well as the abortion proponents, are well aware of it.

For those of us that support pro-life causes across our state and country, SBA List’s interference in our primary is surprising and disappointing. They disregarded and violated their own criteria in making the endorsement. Greg is not running against any pro-abortion candidate!

Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund, please save your endorsement for the general election. To choose sides between three pro-life candidates is unnecessary and is interfering with our state election process.

—Nancee Olszewski, Kalispell

A true sports guy

Dave Lesnick retired the other day. The next day the Daily Inter Lake was printed and life went on. But for those of us who know Dave, it really is an end of an era.

In a time when social media and internet information challenges the popularity of printed news sources, Dave managed to maintain a level of professionalism and informative observations that kept people not only picking up a copy of the paper, but also cutting some of his articles out for their scrapbook!

Dave Lesnick always displayed a love for high school sports and the athletes involved in them as well as a tremendous respect for the coaches that led the programs. He was interested in telling the story, not stirring the pot. Dave understood that the local sports section was a place where young kids could see their accomplishments shared and celebrated with the community. A true sports guy, writing about sports!

So, thanks Dave, for your years of providing us with a reason to get up early on Sunday morning and for being a true friend of our sporting community. You have been a consummate professional and genuine nice guy to work with.

Thanks for the cookies and GO BADGERS!

— Jim May, Libby

Finishing at the top

I just got finished reading the articles in the Inter Lake about my friend Dave Lesnick’s retirement as sports editor. The accolades attributed to him are numerous and will undoubtedly continue for awhile. I would like to put my 2 cents worth toward that end.

My wife and I first met Dave around 1994 when Nancy was in charge of delivering the results of the local stock races to the Inter Lake. Dave was always delightful while simultaneously being a stickler for detail. Have you ever met someone for the first time who, after conversing with them for just a short time, you knew they were special? That was Dave Lesnick!

A special friendship was made back in ‘94 and has prospered ever since. I am not going to recite all the special qualities that make up this man. They have been and will be mentioned by many. I do want to say congratulations my friend, you have run your race and finished at the top. Welcome now to your new found freedom.

— Michael Thoennes, Kalispell

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