Letters to the editor Oct. 10

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Milk toast Tim Fox

Tim Fox, current Montana Attorney General and Republican candidate for Montana Governor is touted as a “centrist,” and his milk-toast persona lends itself to that impression. This persona can also be reflective of a person lacking in character, including spinelessness and willingness to compromise for the sake of personal promotion.

Which aspects of milk toast does Mr. Fox’s record support? Three facts come glaringly to mind.

He promoted unnecessary 2019 legislation that codified into law narcotics prescribing practices that were already being followed, promoting the sensational false narrative that compassionate physicians are the cause of the opiate crisis and leading more physicians to abandon their suffering pain patients. Typical spinelessness to go after law abiding citizens rather than kingpin providers of narcotics — drug cartels (drugs largely from Mexico and China) and the dark web.

Even more odious and reprehensible, Mr. Fox did not take a stand against red flag gun confiscation laws when they came before the Montana House 2019. Fortunately, legislators and other citizens took action and stopped it.

Also notable, Llew Jones/Frank Garner enslavement caucus Republicans endorse Tim Fox. What does the enslavement caucus have in common with Mr. Fox? Both promote growing government at the expense of individual liberty. A vote for Tim Fox is a vote for another government toady like Gov. Steve Bullock, and we know what a disaster he has been to liberty.

Just say “no” to Tim Fox.

­—Annie Bukacek, Kalispell

Hardly the party of Reagan

In my elementary years in Martin City we were taught: “I pledge allegiance to the United States of America…” not the president or a foreign power.

When I took oath for public office, I pledged to uphold the Constitution of the United States. This is the same oath everyone in public office pledges. Perhaps the current problem has to do, in part, with the lack of even knowing what the Constitution says. Maybe we need an amendment that reads: Anyone holding public office must demonstrate the fact they have read the Constitution.

What we have now, is some are familiar with the Constitution, and most are not. Is it little wonder politicians become very self-serving and pledge allegiance to rhetoric.

I actually thought the “America First” slogan meant something like that. When did it become Putin or Kim Jong Un first?

I remember on July 4, 2018 reading that several Republican senators, including our own Steve Daines, were meeting with Russian officials in the Duma. It just struck me as odd and disturbing that all these guys were giving members of the Duma high-fives when it was a day to celebrate our independence.

In hindsight it seems to fit into a pattern: NRA taking money from Russia; Mr. Trump doing everything short of climbing in bed with Vladimir; and Republican members of Congress pretending it’s OK to sell out America.

My father was a Goldwater Republican. I was raised to be a conservative Republican. When did the Republican Party become a party of Russian brown-nosers? When did “America first” morph into “Russia first”? An entire generation of deceased Republicans is rolling in their graves.

As a patriotic American, I am shocked and disturbed to see how many are willing to trade their stars and stripes lapel pins for the Russian hammer and sickle. I have to give credit to the Russian playbook: All you need to do to win is to have a group of dumb witted party officials in another country that will do your bidding.

The current Republican Party is hardly the party of Ronald Reagan or patriotism. It seems more attracted to oligarchs and totalitarianism.

­—Marion Foley, Martin City

Open your eyes and vote

Readers are your eyes open? Be honest.

How can a civilized country actually kick and scream about a legal election outcome? Sounds like Hitler tactics are at work in the USA! We will take your guns, the government will take care of you, tax the rich, FREE FREE FREE everything.

What would be the outcome? Really? Only the truly ignorant do not see that this scenario has played out 90 years ago. Yes, Hitler’s manifesto is used by the Democratic party today and people are like lemmings going off the cliff.

Really? Nothing is free. Hard working people who got educated, worked hard, took risks, etc., deserve to be rewarded financially. People who just go with the flow have not worked for a “better life.” America has offered everyone with motivation and sound social upbringing an opportunity to achieve whatever level of lifestyle possible, Success comes from correcting failures. Learning from everything life throws at you, and not repeat failures like the Democrats are preaching today.

If you do not like election results, work hard and show POSITIVE results you have done in the past to make America great again! So far the only thing I hear is cry babies mad that their mommy was not elected. Thank goodness, as her past was filled with corruption, deceit, greed and only Clinton advancement and power as her driving force. Just ask the dead Benghazi diplomats, soldiers, raped women, questionable (35) deaths, financial skimming from their foundation, stealing from the White House, charging millions to stay in the Lincoln bedroom, selling U.S. uranium to Russia, etc.

The solution is simple people. VOTE with eyes open. Do an honest background check. What I see today is everything that had been promised to the USA in the past, and vote on results not false promises!

—­­Ron Albrecht, Kalispell

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