Letters to the editor Oct. 13

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Helipad a bad idea

I am writing this letter in regards to the helicopter landing pad near Whitefish and the commercial use of it.

This area is first of all used by the commercial jets quite often when they are landing and taking off. Having a helicopter lifting off at the wrong time would be a disaster. The chance of a crash is 30% with this pattern and landing in a residential farming area that also has a five-lane highway increased it more. This makes no sense.

There are homes very close to the pad. The air from the helicopters will cause issues to homes, animals and the ground debris that will be thrown around. Has the FAA approved this issue before you make a decision?

Why would this be a need when the airport, which could support all this, is just a few miles away, which is where it belongs.

I assume if you allow this and our property values go down, that our taxes will also decrease. There are so many factors. Please do not allow this.

­—Glenda Carr, Whitefish

Lead bullets

It’s great to see that residents and developers in Columbia Falls are concerned about an eagle family. However, there is a much bigger threat to all predators in American.

On Ryan Zinke’s first day in office as Secretary of the Interior, his very first action was to roll back the restrictions on lead ammunition. That was his way of repaying the NRA for buying him his congressional seat. The NRA insists on NO restrictions, even though lead causes so much suffering and death.

In my opinion, 80% of animals shot by hunters escape to die of their wounds. Then predators like eagles, magpies, ravens, wolves, coyotes, bears, etc., eat the carcass and go on to die a prolonged and painful death from lead poisoning. This could be avoided if lead bullets were made illegal again. Thousands of animal’s deaths could be avoided for little cost to hunters. If you love eagles, call your congressmen and demand lead bullets be made illegal again.

—Jerri Swenson, Kalispell

Impeachment inquiry

I urge President Trump and everyone in the Executive Branch to cooperate with Congress. It is in this country’s interests to learn the facts.

My reasoning:

1. I agree that Congress should not begin the impeachment process until an inquiry is made. Congress would be derelict in its duties if it started an impeachment on the president before it had all the necessary facts.

2. The argument that President Trump’s lawyer gave for not cooperating goes against the Founding Fathers. Each branch of our government has checks and balances:

•Congress (535 in all) can create laws, but the laws can be overturned by the legal system. And the president can VETO a law.

•The Supreme Court (9) can make rulings. But, Congress can overturn their rulings by passing laws.

•The Executive Branch (1) among its other powers, can use executive orders, which direct executive officers or clarify and further existing laws. The legal system can be used to keep the executive orders in check. But, the Founding Fathers also gave Congress the power to keep the president in check through Congressional oversight processes, which include those related to investigations and impeachment.

Congress has every right to initiate an INQUIRY into impeachment. Why would the president not want to cooperate? I would rather have Congress do an inquiry and find President Trump has done nothing wrong (impeachable) then to have a formal IMPEACHMENT, which would polarize our country.

I urge all to write their representatives and urge them to cooperate with Congress’ impeachment inquiry. Please give President Trump the opportunity to prove to Congress and the American public that he did nothing. He can prove that he has done what is best for this country, even though it may not be popular.

­—Susan Repa, Lakeside

Something stinks

Why is it that the Democrats are hell bent on destroying our nation’s laws as fast as they can? Sanctuary cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and many others have illegal immigrants living within their boundaries to rape and murder with little to no discipline. Police are punished for working with ICE.

Joe Biden can set his son up to bleed China and the Ukraine on promises of large sums of money paid to their country; however, Joe’s son is in no way qualified to do anything and is not investigated in any way.

But, when President Trump has a conversation with another country’s president he is chastised and put down because of a conversation about world issues. This is not a crime, but Joe Biden can pull a treasonous act and not be investigated? Something stinks here.

Why were the Clintons, both Bill and Hillary, charged with treasonous acts and not prosecuted, but President Trump is a bad guy for telling world leaders to pay up and quit depending on the American taxpayer? Why is the media sensationalizing the news and not just reporting facts? Why is the media such Socialist-Marxists, as are the Democrats, instead of being objective?

We could have a much greater nation if we quit supporting law breakers and supported someone who is trying to make our country independent, not dependent, on China and offshore manufacturing. Something about “the swamp” stinks and I agree with President Trump: the swamp needs to be exposed.

We have a cancer in our country and the Socialist-Marxists are stealing our republic.

—Jim Buechle, Kalispell

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