Letters to the editor Oct. 14

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Despicable treachery

I feel compelled to respond the blatant lies the president is uttering in defense of his cowardly, criminal betrayal of the Kurds and the abetting of the aggression being carried out by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his bloodthirsty, criminal regime as I write this.

In his typically almost incoherent statement today (October 9), our president recited these two outrageous, barefaced falsehoods:

1. The Kurds did not help the U.S. in fighting against ISIS.

2. There are no American troops in the area where Turks have started invading Northern Syria.

So it’s a case of, what are we supposed to believe—our own eyes or the transparently false assertions of the president?

Mr. Trump kept harping about how the Kurds have been “fighting for their land,” as if somehow their having their own stake in the battle to destroy ISIS negates the enormous contribution they have made to wiping that Islamist, terrorist scum from the face of the earth. Here is his muddled argument in his own confused words:

“The Kurds are fighting for their land, just so you understand. They’re fighting for their land. As somebody wrote in a very, very powerful article today, they didn’t help us in the second World War. They didn’t help us with Normandy, as an example. They mentioned the names of different battles. They weren’t there. But they’re there to help us with their land, and that’s a different thing.”

Hey, here’s a news flash for you, Mr. President. In World War II, the Russians were fighting for their land. We would not have defeated the Nazis without them. Oh, and BTW, they were not at Normandy on D Day either ... they were somewhat occupied with the battle of Leningrad at the time. In that battle and other battles on the eastern front (Stalingrad, Kursk) — battles that turned the tide in the war and without which the war against Nazi Germany would not have been won — 20 million Soviet soldiers and citizens lost their lives. You really have no idea what you are talking about, but worse than your appalling ignorance is your despicable treachery.

—Lee W. Smith, Somers

Open burning

I walked out on my deck on a cold, but beautiful sunny morning. The sun shining over the Swan Range which was, unfortunately, only in partial view. I say partial, because as soon as I opened my door it smelled like summer wildfire season with the mountain view obscured by a smoky haze. Ah, opening burning month is in full swing.

I’ll be blunt: Why do we still allow it? I do understand that some have acres and acres of property that need clearing. And the county appears to have just one spot to haul wood, brush and grass for compost (Flathead Count Landfill near Whitefish). So that makes it a harder task to rid ourselves of our yard waste. Not everyone has the time to load up their pickups with the waste and drive it there. Yes, I have the time and I do that.

So instead of chiding my fellow residents, I’m asking county commissioners: How much would it cost each taxpayer for an additional service at each green box garbage site to have a yard waste pile? Like the green boxes, have it periodically picked up and brought to the main landfill compost area in Whitefish. $3 a year? $5?

After some initial threats of closing down in Bigfork and the threats over the “high cost” of building a bigger one, the new Bigfork green box site cost what? A $39 annual special assessment? And it’s now it’s an essential part of our community.

It’s almost 2020, friends. I know “we’ve always done it this way.” But whether you believe it’s man made or not, the world is warming. It’s a fact. Almost everyone watches in horror as Brazilian farmers torch millions of acres of the essential rain forest, which 99.9% of scientists say (yes, those darn facts) contributes to a warming, melting climate. Yet here we are in the first-world U.S. allowing open burning for months where trees, brush and grass are often mixed with old mattresses and even household garage? That toxic smoke doesn’t just magically disappear, folks.

It’s autumn, not summer wildfire season. Can I please have my fresh air and clear view back?

—Mark Suppelsa, Bigfork

NBA hypocrites

There is an international issue that I am having a hard time understanding who supports what. The Hong Kong protesters got a quick supporting tweet (or whatever) from a National Basketball Association general manager that has upset the Communist Chinese government.

I have not heard from any NBA superstars or coaches also expressing their support of the Hong Kong protesters. One player said we should apologize to the Communist Chinese government and another said the tweeting general manager should be punished. These same superstars and coaches have blasted America over what they think is unjust. They refuse to speak up against China and we all know why — money. The next dictionary should have pictures of NBA superstars and coaches beside the word “HYPOCRITES”.

In addition, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) have joined forces with other politicians in a letter to the NBA blasting the NBA’s stance with China. I think these overpaid players should really think where they live and their freedom to express their views.

—Jack Sollars, Kalispell

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