Letters to the editor Jan. 12

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We need each other

While putting our newspapers in the recycle bin, John Fuller’s letter to the editor on Jan. 2 caught my attention. After reading it, I wondered if Mr. Fuller doesn’t realize that statistically he must have some Democrats in his life, a relative, neighbor, church member, friend. Etc. Insulting them with his opinions such as “the Democratic Party has always appealed to the basic instincts of man” or the Democratic Party is the party of “despair, envy, greed, depression and anger” apparently does not bother Mr. Fuller.

People with views like that , in either party, are part of the problem, not part of any political solutions for 2020 and beyond. Mr. Fuller, as chairman of the Flathead County Republican Central Committee, represents his party, He should do so without maligning other points of view. We have important problems to solve in this country and it will take two parties working together to do it. We need each other regardless of our differences.

—Marcia Peck, Bigfork

Rock icon?

I would like to share some of my knowledge of what is commonly referred to as “graffiti rock” in Kalispell. This is not actually a rock formation, but rather is the old cement remnant of a previous structure. It sits along the railroad tracks above Woodland Park.

I have heard comments that this “rock” may be kept, rather than being demolished, when the Core Area Trail is constructed. My office is right next to this “rock.” I have seen nothing but trouble occur there for the past five years. It is a dangerous eye sore with sharp steel rebar sticking out of the cement, which is covered in graffiti. Drug deals, fights, transient camps, garbage, occur there on a regular basis. You may check with the Kalispell Police Department on how many calls they receive to deal with the problems there.

Please do not keep this structure. It is dangerous. It is not beautiful. It is not an icon.

—Marilyn Driscoll, Kalispell

Sykes meal brings us together

It takes many hands to accomplish the Sykes Thanksgiving meal for the community. Here is a big thanks to all of you that help make it happen.

Over 120 volunteers help with food prep, folding plastic ware, serving food to diners, and delivering meals to those who cannot come to Sykes. Others help with running food to the buffet, boxing up meals, busing, cleaning, customer service, set-up, take down and greeting.

Head chef Rick and his wife Pam handle all kitchen and cooking responsibilities. The great, high quality and quantity meal is lead by his efforts and much of it is specifically made with his hands.

You who help know who you are and I cannot express strong enough the appreciation I have for your help. It truly would not happen otherwise. It is a testimony to the fantastic community that exists in the Flathead. For many years Valley Bank, Glacier Bank and First Interstate Bank have donated pies for the meal so many enjoy. Tobey Schule and Sykes Pharmacy make a significant financial donation every year as he shows his enduring support to the local clientele--many of whom we share.

At the risk of sounding like a political speech this should be said: The Sykes Thanksgiving Meal is the kind of thing that still brings us together as Americans. We have volunteers from all sides of the political spectrum that lay it all aside and help provide a good meal to any number of people from all sides who simply want a good meal and maybe some people to sit with as they eat. We are thankful to be in a position to be able to provide in this way and are thankful we live in a place that values such an occasion.

—Mike Thompson, Bigfork

Electric boondoggle

In 2010 all taxpayers in Montana began paying toward tax credits for buyers of electric vehicles. (EVs) Each new EV is given a subsidy from the Federal government of up to $7,500. Nearly $5 billion was dished out from 2011 to 2017. Nearly half of these vehicles were purchased in California by wealthy residents.

This subsidy was to last for 10 years. Unfortunately, this boondoggle is scheduled to be renewed in congress in March of 2020. The lobbying group, “EV Drive Coalition” is pushing heavily to have this ridiculous gift program renewed. It is estimated the elimination of this give-away would save taxpayers $20 billion.

To stop this travesty from happening, a bill with the title “Fairness for Every Driver Act” has been introduced by Senator John Barrasso from Wyoming (Senate Bill 343). In addition to stopping the purchase subsidy, the bill would also direct the establishment of a federal highway users fee for EVs. The user fees would be used for repairs and maintenance of highways which are now funded primarily through federal and state taxes collected at the fuel pump. Electric vehicles do not require gasoline or diesel to operate, so they don’t contribute to the upkeep of highways through a fuel tax.

It is very important that the Montana Congressional delegation support SB 343. Montana taxpayers are being strangled by many other federal subsidies that are imposed on us and we could possibly stop this one.

If you agree with the intent of the bill, please contact Senators Tester and Daines to urge them to support it.

—Richard M. Griffin, Kalispell

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