Schulz 4th of July champ

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  • Coral Schulz watches her tee shot on the second hole of the North Course during the Earl Hunt Memorial 4th of July Tournament at Whitefish Lake Golf Club on Saturday. (Casey Kreider/Daily Inter Lake)

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    Conor Rooney watches his tee shot on the fourth hole of the South Course during the Earl Hunt Memorial 4th of July Tournament at Whitefish Lake Golf Club on Saturday. (Casey Kreider/Daily Inter Lake)

  • Coral Schulz watches her tee shot on the second hole of the North Course during the Earl Hunt Memorial 4th of July Tournament at Whitefish Lake Golf Club on Saturday. (Casey Kreider/Daily Inter Lake)

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    Conor Rooney watches his tee shot on the fourth hole of the South Course during the Earl Hunt Memorial 4th of July Tournament at Whitefish Lake Golf Club on Saturday. (Casey Kreider/Daily Inter Lake)

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WHITEFISH — Coral Schulz of Whitefish was a wire-to-wire winner at the 83rd annual Earl Hunt Memorial 4th of July Golf Tournament at Whitefish Lake Golf Club on Saturday.

The senior to be at Montana State University took a four-shot lead into the final round and wound up finishing five shots ahead of defending champion and runner-up Jasi Acharya of Carver, Minnesota.

Schulz shot 69-74-74—217 for the 54-hole event.

Acharya had rounds of 70-80-72—222 with her 72 on Saturday for the women on the North Course the low round of the day.

“I stayed calm, had fun and putted well,” Schulz said.

“My putting was good today. That really helped my score.”

Missoula’s Sean Ramsbacher, who was three shots off the pace after 36 holes, closed with a 1-over 72 on the South Course for a one-shot victory over Liam Clancy.

Ramsbacher shot 72-71-72—215 with Clancy turning in rounds of 70-71-75—216.

Friday’s leader, Payton Taylor of Hamilton, closed with a 77 to tie Garrett Woodin and Byron Olson for third place at 217.

This was the fifth 4th of July Tournament appearance for Schulz. Her previous best finish here was fifth.

“This is the only tournament I wanted to win,” she said.

“It’s my home course and a local hasn’t won it for quite awhile. That was definitely the top goal for the summer.”

The last Flathead Valley woman to win this event was Christine Newton of Whitefish in 1987. Dave Morberg of Kalispell also won the men’s title that year.

Josh Gold of Kalispell won it in 2006.

“Typically, I like to be behind,” she said heading into a final round.

“It gives me strong motivation. Since I wasn’t (Saturday), I didn’t think about it.”

The final day for Schulz, however, was not a breeze. She had a rough start on the first hole.

“I absolutely hooked my tee shot,” she said.

“I then punched a shot, shot to the green and made a big putt for par. I didn’t panic. I played smart.”

Schulz was a two-time Class A state champion for Whitefish High School, winning medalist honors in 2015 and 2016.

“Tim Olson and Terry Nelson and rest of the staff did a fabulous job putting the tournament on,” Schulz said.

“Also (a big thanks) to Chris Newton.”

Final Results


Championship Flight

Coral Schulz 69-74-74--217

Jasi Acharya 70-80-72-222

Cathie Tronson 73-74-76--223

Darah Smith Newell 74-75-75-224

Shealyn Hafer 71-77-82--230

Jackie Mee 74-80-78-232

Teigan Avery 77-80-77-234

Marcy Holt 82-83-80-245

Kinsey Irvin 79-81-85-245

Sadie Crippen 78-83-87-248

Shelby DeVore 83-90-83-256

Emily Garden 87-85-86-258

First Flight

Kathy Dodd 78-78-84-240

Karen Jacobson 81-86-77-244

Jannell Tanner-O’Neal 79-89-78-246

Alana Griffin 89-89-80-258

Ginny Larence 88-85-86-259

Bobbie Lacklen 85-87-88-260

Bella Johnson 85-92-84-261

Jody Fee 89-88-86-263

Ashley Willett 90-97-77-264

Marianne Crippen 87-91-88-266

Marcia Reimers 88-103-92-283

Samantha Peters 98-91-95-284

Second Flight

Louise Cholette Haley 92-84-91-267

Jeanette Cheney 90-93-89-272

Sandy LaPoint 84-91-98-273

Tracey Whisenand 93-97-88-278

Wendy Macker 94-95-98-287

Cindy Stein 97-94-99-290

Cheryl Walter 95-104-94-293

Kristin Hetzer 93-102-98-293

Linda Ray 101-100-93-294

Melanie Kozinuk 102-100-94-296

Ruth Fenn 99-106-95-300

Stacy Denning 99-101-100-300

Trish Eldaun 105-109-97-311

Sandy Carlson 102-112-101-315


Championship Flight

Sean Ramsbacher 72-71-72-215

Liam Clancy 70-71-75-216

Garrett Woodin -78-74-65-217

Byron Olson 71-73-73-217

Payton Taylor 72-68-77-217

Justin Dorr 74-74-70-218

Mark Mance 72-76-70-218

Andrew Medley 74-73-71-218

Shawn Tucker 70-78-72-220

Logan Lindholm 74-73-73-220

Will Ellegard 73-73-74-220

Joey Moore 74-75-72-221

Kyle Mossfeldt 77-74-71-222

Oscar Maxfield 80-74-71-225

Ken Bush 76-77-72-225

Marty Mehl 71-78-76-225

Joseph Potkonjak 74-75-77-226

Conor Rooney 70-73-83-226

Ben Kaul 74-77-76-227

Ross Bartell 80-76-72-228

Sam Krause 72-76-80-228

Bill Dunn 80-78-71-229

Jonny Cielak 82-74-75-231

Bob Hasquet 74-80-78-232

Jack Johnston 84-75-74-233

Samuel Berry 79-84-73-236

Timothy Garden 83-81-73-237

Christian Clark 80-76-81-237

Paull Veroulis 80-81-78-239

Chris Haas 76-87-79-242

Bucky Crippen 80-80-82-242

Cole Kozinuk 83-84-78-245

Brad Grattan 83-79-84-246

Rick Reimers 83-82-82-247

George Wollersheim 89-82-79-250

First Flight

Joe Stover 71-73-75-219

Doug Honkamp 76-76-75-227

Dan Conkling 77-78-76-231

Brock Robillard 78-77-77-232

Peter Ellis 76-79-78-233

Brian Brown 79-70-84-233

Curtis Blake 75-79-80-234

Cole Jaworski 75-77-85-237

Parker Heller 81-82-75-238

Riley Kaercher 77-82-79-238

Spencer Hughes 77-83-79-239

Troy Toner 77-82-80-239

Brady Cady 83-82-76-241

Adam Curry 87-80-75-242

Lindsay Woolley 78-86-78-242

Michael DeGrazier 79-83-80-242

Tommy Lindell 81-86-76-243

Cayde Brown 80-83-82-245

Kevin Sieben 79-84-83-246

Nick Hustwaite 78-88-81-247

Bennett MacIntyre 87-81-82-250

Jay Medley 84-81-86-251

Austin Brady 83-82-86-251

Second Flight

Kyle Sheppard 75-78-77-230

Tait Rocksund 76-77-77-230

Cameron Kahle 75-83-75-233

Jason Winkler 73-80-81-234

Russ DeVore 79-76-80-235

Matt Longfield 82-80-75-237

Tyler Schiff 78-80-79-237

Brad Cox 81-82-77-240

Akku Acharya 83-77-80-240

Carson Brown 87-76-78-241

Blake Hasquet 77-80-84-241

David Kenyon 82-80-82-244

Eric Galcher 82-83-80-245

David Knight 85-83-79-247

Baker Stockton 81-81-85-247

Loy Sullivan 83-83-82-248

Steve Williamson 80-79-90-249

JJ Salmon 86-80-86-252

Chris Geddes 83-87-83-253

Kurt McDonough 84-85-86-255

Mat Stevenson 88-83-88-259

Phil Willett 86-83-90-259

Will Salonen 80-94-98-272

Third Flight

Garret Lowell 73-76-76-225

Kyle Duty 73-77-84-234

Dan Maher 76-81-80-237

Jeff Somrock 77-80-82-239

Zach Taylor 78-79-82-239

Michael Burney 84-80-78-242

Sean Ryan 76-78-90-244

Connor Bennett 84-84-79-247

Tobin Woldtvedt 85-80-82-247

Cam Geddes 79-85-83-247

Tony Lyon 85-79-83-247

Brandann Rohrer 85-76-86-247

Matt Krause 79-84-84-247

Patrick Ferris 80-82-85-247

Josh Joseph 83-85-81-249

Dan Knechtel 89-82-81-252

Duke Stockton 83-87-83-253

Jim Berry 85-87-86-258

Jonny Nau 89-88-84-261

Scott Cummings 89-83-89-261

Ian Fraser 89-85-89-263

Joe Tourtelot 84-87-93-264

Barney Shynkaruk 99-86-87-272

Brad Taylor 92-99-87-278

Fourth Flight

Kevin Ryan 76-78-82-236

Kade McDonough 80-80-80-240

Kirk Bennett 86-78-82-246

Mark Evans 81-83-83-247

Jeff Pascoe 86-81-83-250

Jeff Fairlee 74-83-93-250

Gerald Miller 84-89-79-252

Justin Walsh 90-82-81-253

Johnny Nix 84-84-85-253

Kevin Iverson 82-87-85-254

Mike Mulcahy 79-92-83-254

Brad Kaiser 80-87-87-254

Travor Schmidt 84-93-81-258

Andrew Walker -89-82-90-261

Thom Peck 86-89-88-263

Michael Fawver 84-89-90-263

Dave Weber -92-85-88-265

Rob Braig 91-88-86-265

Austin Smith 94-90-86-270

Rob Carroll 91-92-87-270

John Velk 87-92-91-270

Mike Cowden 92-88-91-271

Austin Ragno 92-91-91-274

Michael Wong 95-93-89-277

Warren Barnes 95-88-97-280

Brett Greenlaw 97-93-97-287

Mark Stella 104-101-94-299

Christian Kaempfer 104-103-96-303


Championship Flight

Dow Powell 77-75-72-224

Rich Boswell 74-77-76-227

Gregory Hetzer 78-74-76-228

Ron Ramsbacher 75-78-79-232

Dave Eames 81-80-72-233

Andy Moshier 78-79-76-233

Brett Bennyhoff 75-80-79-234

Jeff Niesen 79-80-76-235

Frank Sutton 78-79-80-237

Sam Saunders 84-78-77-239

Tom Shea 82-82-76-240

Les Parks 78-84-79-241

Gary Holt 84-80-78-242

Bob Gray 79-79-84-242

Rod Brady 79-84-80-243

Walt Barnes -85-83-78-246

Joe King 87-80-81-248

Dave Lucey 88-85-81-254

First Flight

John Brubaker 78-74-81-233

Nalin Maxfield 80-77-83-240

Dave Streeter 76-84-81-241

Chris Vidulich 83-79-83-245

Kevin Woodin 81-84-80-245

Dwight Jack 82-85-82-249

Larry Schwenke 85-81-84-250

Dave Long 81-80-89-250

Dan Lieberg 91-78-82-251

Jim LaPoint 89-87-81-257

Dann Rohrer 89-90-83-262

Kevin Cummings 90-85-88-263

Mike Lincoln 96-88-81-265

Greg Betthauser 89-91-86-266

Stan Krause 95-90-88-273

Brian Gore 96-94-89-279

Art Williams 89-100-91-280

Bill Hoffman 105-106-107-318

Second Flight

Dan Wagner 77-84-84-245

Vince Depinto 84-81-85-250

John Rottger 90-91-79-260

Dan Moe 81-97-82-260

Steve Solberg 90-93-82-265

Brian Cripe 90-88-87-265

Barry Fenn 90-91-90-271

Michael Garner 87-94-90-271

Ralph Hemp 88-98-87-273

Bruce Hogan 89-97-94-280

Ken Hunt 95-94-101-290

Douglas Schmoldt 96-97-100-293

Bob Sandman 95-96-105-296

Brian Geddes 100-113-104-317

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