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Letters to the editor Dec. 25

| December 25, 2021 12:00 AM

Infrastructure irony

It’s ironic that the story about the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act shares top billing with the story about school bus modifications mandated by Montana House Bill 267.

The irony, that the state is making school districts come up with the money for a safety issue that affects all cities, towns, counties, etc. in Montana. That typically, school buses cross city, town, and county lines in performance of their duty. And finally that the state couldn’t come up with the money to fund this safety issue, even if only partially.

Oh, and one more thing, thanks Senator Tester for saying in your quote “My bipartisan infrastructure package.” Don’t care if you wrote it and sponsored it, it’s all of our money. Next time think about saying, “You’re not getting any of my salary, exclusive health benefits, or exclusive employment and retirement benefits.” I really wish you would write and/or sponsor a bill that addresses that.

— Stephen DeSimone, Bigfork

New Conservatism

Welcome to the New Conservatism! The New Conservative is politically active in the tradition of Classical Conservatism which seeks to bring about political policy based on true self-evident principles.

It’s the people showing to up to library board meetings calling for the officials there to maintain the status quo and practices that have served the Flathead County Library System since its inception.

It’s the letter writers appealing to our Flathead County Commissioners to populate the health board with scientists and public health experts, as it has over the decades, to provide the best policies and practices for the well-being of the citizens of our community.

New Conservatives practice the conservatism of the Founding Fathers who asserted that the governing practices of the previous 150 years were just and proper. They pushed back against the changes in practice brought on by the British government in the 1760s.

New Conservatives aver that the long-held practices and traditions that have served our communities faithfully in the past will do so in the present and the future. They wish to see the hard work and expertise of local public servants like their neighbors who sit on boards, oversee elections, and provide countless hours of public service honored with the respect that it is due.

New Conservatives see revolutionary and radical practices masquerading as patriotism and wrapped in ideological rhetoric for what it is: demagoguery that threatens the very fundamental mechanics of how our beloved Democratic-Republic has functioned for over 200 years.

The United States is the manifestation of the greatest innovation in governing that humankind has ever concocted and the very backbone of the success of that Grand Experiment are local servants and the continuity of the institutions in which they serve.

— Bruce Guthrie, Kalispell


After reading Sen. Steve Daines’ editorial in the Inter Lake on Dec. 19 I think he should read what former Montana Governor Raciot said in the same edition about fidelity and public officials responsibility to the people of Montana. Once again, Steve is going to fight, fight, fight, fight the commie Democrats in a quest to halt the vicious overthrow of the righteous folks of the United States

How about a quest to make us “better” stronger, happier, fairer by working together with anyone and everyone.

According to Steve, Biden, in just a few months, has bankrupt our country, even though 99% of the spending was done in previous administrations. Bush financed a war on credit and gave large tax breaks to the wealthy. Obama had the Great Recession but also financed a war on credit. Trump spent big, gave a $1.5 trillion tax break to corporations, had Covid to deal with and talked about a war exit but still financed the war on credit

Biden proposed an infrastructure deal, which we desperately need. Yet, he has somehow bankrupt the country? Maybe we need to look a little harder at the previous presidents. Though the exit was messy, we are not in a war financed on credit and killing our troops.

I think Steve just wants to keep us divided, to cover up the fact that our elected representatives are not accomplishing anything, not making us stronger, better, more competitive, great again. China is becoming more dominate and kicking our butt as we fight with one another, all with Steve’s blessing.

Fidelity, Steve, you should work as hard on that as you do promoting self-interest and reelection

—Dennis McDowell, Bigfork