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Speech and debate: Flathead, Glacier have high hopes heading to Class AA state tourney

Daily Inter Lake | January 26, 2021 12:00 AM

The Glacier High School speech and debate team pulled ahead of Flathead High School to win second place at the Great Falls Invitational.

Glacier earned 124 overall points behind first-place finisher Bozeman, which amassed 192 points at the virtual tournament on Jan. 22-23. Flathead came in third place with 113.5 overall points.

"We still are improving. I am hoping that we can peak for the state AA tournament next weekend,” Glacier Head Coach Greg Adkins said.

"This season has been a wild ride,” he added. “I like the direction we are heading. We are thrilled with the second place finish, but our goals are much higher than that.”

Flathead Head Coach Shannon O’Donnell said her team is still hoping for a state title.

“Despite Bozeman's dominance thus far, we continue to look forward to next weekend’s state tournament and the opportunity to repeat last year’s championship performance,” O’Donnell said.

The virtual Class AA state speech and debate tournament will be held Friday and Saturday. People who are interested in judging the final tournament of the regular season should visit For more information email judge coordinator Kyla Niva at

Following are local individual results.

Novice Policy Debate

  1. Alyssa Leimkuehler and Jacob Hallstrom, Flathead

Varsity Policy Debate

  1. Mason Fauth and Alexandra Houseworth, Glacier
  2. Braden Anderson and Evan Sevaly, Flathead

Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  1. Brody Turner, Flathead
  2. Emmeary Faerber, Flathead
  3. Dyson Linden, Flathead

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  1. Lizzie Sweeney, Glacier

Public Forum Debate

  1. Garrett Hinzman and Kyler Knutson, Glacier

Legislative Debate

  1. Jake Keller, Glacier
  2. Simon Roston, Glacier
  3. Annelise Mason, Flathead
  4. Kenna Sandler, Glacier
  5. Kelvin Dixon, Flathead

Extemporaneous Speaking

  1. Scout McMahon, Flathead
  2. Leah Spangler, Flathead
  3. Maayana Sattler, Flathead
  4. Taylor Pooton, Flathead
  5. Rylin Wilde, Flathead

Impromptu Speaking

  1. Scout McMahon, Flathead
  2. Leah Spangler, Flathead
  3. Sydney Fletcher, Glacier
  4. Maayana Satler, Flathead

Program Oral Interpretation

  1. Yayne Myers, Glacier
  2. Alexa Wilton, Glacier
  3. Isabella Shinn, Flathead

Duo Interpretation

  1. Isaac Lorenc and Jarrod Wutke, Glacier
  2. Carson Robison and Ella McGuffie, Flathead
  3. Dresden Allred and Yayne Myers, Glacier
  4. Aiden Christy and Adina Lockwood, Flathead
  5. Quindy Gronley and Claire Schwaller, Glacier

Humorous Interpretation

  1. Bauer Hollman, Flathead
  2. Jasmine Anderson, Flathead
  3. Sophia Dykhuizen, Flathead
  4. Aiden Christy, Flathead

Dramatic Interpretation

  1. Jane Trina, Glacier
  2. Kadence Johnson, Flathead
  3. Brenna Ernst, Glacier

Memorized Public Address

  1. Aryana Allred, Glacier

3.Alexa Wilton, Glacier

  1. Avram Bingham, Glacier
  2. Cassie Cattron, Flathead

Original Oratory

  1. Carson Robison, Flathead
  2. Dresden Allred, Glacier
  3. Sayla McCulley, Flathead
  4. Isabella AuClaire, Glacier

Informative Speaking

  1. Kenna Vanomy, Glacier
  2. Neila Lyngholm, Flathead
  3. Lane McKoy, Glacier
  4. Hailee Williams, Glacier
  5. Hailey Hendrickson, Flathead

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