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Letters to the editor July 24

| July 24, 2021 12:00 AM

What if...

I was tempted to write after reading Bryon York’s column Monday July 19. I held off, only because complaining about something over which I have no control gives more attention to that which is the subject of the complaint. Nevertheless, here I am, after reading the article about the Covid-19 surge in the Flathead and County Health Officer Joe Russell’s courageous observations about vaccinations: Bryon York should be given no more ink from the Daily Inter Lake.

York’s column could have ended at the first line: “More Republicans than Democrats appear to be “vaccine hesitant” — that is, reluctant for one reason or another — to take the COVID-19 vaccine.” His arguments about why, and his ridiculous “what if” scenario regarding who would be getting the vaccine if Trump won the election, serves no purpose other than to continue to obfuscate the truth of his first sentence.

Here’s a “what-if” scenario that could radically change the health and well-being of Flathead citizens and of all Americans: “what if” former President Trump and current President Biden put out a joint public service announcement encouraging the “vaccine-hesitant” to get the shot?

I wish I could take credit for that idea, but the commentator who suggested it, Michael Smirconish, admitted in his commentary it will never happen. But what if ...?

Likewise, “what if” Bryon York is no longer given a platform in our precious hometown paper. I am not suggesting silencing conservative voices. I just want to read factual, substantive facts and arguments, not fantasies to make a point that can never be proven.

—Roger Hopkins, Columbia Falls

Growing anger

Welcome to the Flathead in the summer of 2021. Oppressive heat, toxic air and clogged roads. Going out for a bite to eat or to get a beer and finding out that the restaurant, brewery or store is understaffed and you get ready to wait and wait and wait.

As one of those service job workers, I can tell you that all these out-of-staters with deep pockets that will pay over the asking price for the privilege of living here so that they can work at home and live in a beautiful and safe place, are running the workers out of town. When the appraisal of my home triples and my property taxes go up 41% since the last assessment and I’m making $10 an hour, it’s unsustainable for me and my family who have been here for a very long time.

And even if I cash in on my house, where do I go? Everywhere in Montana is in the same housing dilemma. And when most of the workers are run out of town, who is going to serve dinner to you? How are the seniors living on a fixed income going to survive, having to decide to pay the taxes or get food?

What kind of community do you want to live in?

There is a growing anger in this valley among many of the locals and I don’t see any leadership on the part of our elected government to find solutions to these problems.

If someone has a solution would you please share it with the rest of us?

—Susan Taylor, Bigfork

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