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Letters to the editor Aug. 4

| August 4, 2022 12:00 AM

Letter can’t go unanswered

In the oped, ‘Threat to democracy’, in the July 24 Daily Inter Lake, the writer says, “Apparently, Miller is unaware of the insurrection itself, the events leading up to it, and Trump’s profane ad hominem attacks on everyone/everything he doesn’t like, including the free and honest press. It is Trump, along with Putin in 2016, who launched their “opening salvo” of lies aimed at dividing our country and undermining democracy. Unfortunately, millions believe the “stolen election” lie, and millions repeat it without regard for its proven falsity.”

The oped mentions the “insurrection,” presumably Jan. 6, and it must not go unanswered.

Profane ad hominem attacks on everyone/everything Trump doesn’t like, including the free and honest press? Trump was the recipient of this treatment from the “free and honest” press for his entire four years. The Russia “collusion” was not corroborated by Mueller’s two year “investigation.” And let’s not forget the two fake “impeachments” that went nowhere.

Undermining democracy? Rigged elections do that, intentionally, and they’re done in the name of democracy. The writer evidently calls that honesty. Yes, I say the election was stolen. Common sense screams it.

Millions repeat the “stolen election lie” without regard for its proven falsity? What proof? Wisconsin is now looking to decertify. Does the writer really think Trump has that much control over the Wisconsin committee?

Again, I believe the election was stolen. It’s useless to point this out to the writer, but this is written to show there are still some who don’t fall for the lies of the Democrats, a good percentage of the Republicans, and worst of all, the press, who of course make it possible to lie. The Obama administration made press propaganda legal with The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012.

It’s no longer R v. D. It’s the people v. Washington and the lying career politicians.

— Eric Knutson, Dayton


Recently on TRUTH Social, Republican Matt Rosendale posted regarding a Delaware man who had been visited at his home by U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents, in which Rosendale claimed it was illegal “because he didn’t do anything wrong.” Rosendale further commented that the “Left continues its assault on our 2nd Amendment rights.”

A poll by ‘Navigator Research’ found that the perception toward the supporters of parties, with an entire sample of Democrats, Independents and Republicans, shows a 20% difference between the Democratic Party (-10) and the Republican Party (+10) in inclination to resort to violence when they’re pushing their party’s agenda or worldview. Among Independents this difference is 37%. Republicans are viewed as violent, hence have a reputation now to use brutality.

The reasons are quite obvious, considering 2nd Amendment bluster, plus the January 6, 2021 incident, and steady rhetoric from GOP leaders implying appropriateness of violence. Trump’s speech prior to the storming of the Capital used the word “fight” 19 times, the word “peacefully” once.

Individual good reputation is sought, and of political party?

“The gain which is made at the expense of reputation should be set down as a loss.” — Publilius Syrus (85-43BC)

— Erwin Curry, Missoula

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