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Letters to the editor Nov. 8

| November 8, 2022 12:00 AM

Hate promoter

What is the life of a gossiper, or in this instance, a hate promoter?

Why is it so many nowadays are happy to follow hate and discontent? From a counselor’s point of view, it makes them feel essential to spread hate and discontent. The baffling part is; If they looked into what a person is being told, they would find the whole truth is missing. Not just what is missing, the real truth is twisted and then spiced up for acceptance.

Some will make up false documentation to substantiate them, spreading hate and discontent. Why follow someone who promotes hate?

— Larry Robinson, Libby

The short list

I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I am just an ordinary American citizen who has grown weary of watching both of these political parties destroy our hard-won Constitutional Republic. Drunk on power and compromised by the wealth of Wall Street, both political parties break their oaths to the Constitution and we the people with impunity. And the political theater of the party in power redressing the opposition party in endless “congressional hearings/investigations” where those found guilty of their crimes against we the people are never indicted, prosecuted or jailed must end. Here is the short list of how Congress can prevent a second shot heard round the world:

  1. Secure the nation’s borders and deport all illegal aliens regardless of race, creed, color, sex or age. Prosecute those in government who are in violation of Article. IV. Section. 4. of the Constitution for allowing millions of illegal aliens to invade the various states.

  2. Stop American corporations from off-shoring and outsourcing their production of goods and services to communist China and other slave-labor countries by imposing wage and environmental parity tariffs on all imports. Revoke the charters of corporations that refuse to do so.

  3. Do not send the military to fight in foreign lands without a congressional declaration of war as required by the Constitution. World War II was the last time this declaration was made, and the last war America won. Rein in the power and influence of the military industrial complex.

  4. Reduce the size of the federal bureaucracy by 70% and force the federal government to operate within a balanced annual budget.

  5. Outlaw all lobbying (bribing) of Congress, prohibit all corporate political donations and limit individual political contributions to a total of $100 per year – one man, one vote.

  6. Remove the UN from the U.S. and purge all globalists from the federal government, beginning with the CFR. Withdraw from all international organizations that are working against the Constitution and the best interests of the U.S., and replace “foreign aid” with assistance programs similar to the Peace Corps.

  7. Abolish the private Federal Reserve and return the issuance of sound, debt-free money to the US Treasury as required by the Constitution, and replace the IRS with tariffs, corporate excise taxes and a national sales tax tied to the annual GDP.

  8. Immediately remove from office every politician who authors, sponsors and/or votes for legislation that violates the Constitution, and fire every federal bureaucrat who imposes rules and regulations that violate the supreme law of the land.

  9. Purge the political bias from all the federal alphabet agencies and abolish all federal agencies that violate the Constitution.

  10. Limit senators to two terms and congressmen to three terms. Immediately remove from office and adjudicate all politicians who violate their oath to the Constitution.

I know hell will freeze over before Congress makes any of these changes. Sadly, it appears this two-party political system will have to collapse under the weight of its own corruption before the tree of American liberty can be refreshed.

— Richard S. Grozik, Kalispell

How far we have fallen

With the election here, it’s distressing to hear the conversation about abortion. Abortion has been reduced to simply a right, or reproductive health care. It’s just another issue the pollsters display as percentage points of concern for the voters. And now we have a president touting his plan to codify a law to protect this so called right. How far we have fallen!

Abortion takes the life of a child. We know that. Life begins at conception. We know that. But we work hard to deny it. We will deny logic and science and adopt the terms of “it’s simply a fetus.” No, this is a child, unborn and in the beginning stages of development, but still a child. But to our demise we yawn and say ho, hum and turn our thinking to other issues. Why is it that when we want the child, it’s a child? But if we don’t want the child, it’s just a fetus. How far we have fallen!

Looking into the history of our current president, in 1986 he declared that life began at conception. He was against abortion. In 2006 he took a middle of the ground approach. But in 2020 he changed his tune. He and his party now support abortion on demand, without restrictions. Imagine a child at any stage of gestation being aborted, even right before birth. This is the reality of our leader and his party. Another moral disaster. How far we have fallen!

We allow ourselves to see violent movies and to read violent history but we will not allow ourselves to think about what really goes on in an abortion clinic. Ho hum! How far we have fallen!

And in case this seems calloused toward mothers and fathers who wrestle with tough circumstances let’s support them and guide them to truth. Pregnancy centers all over the country are there to help. When it comes to abortion, let’s not fall further.

— Susan Sullivan, Kalispell

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