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Letters to the editor Nov. 24

| November 24, 2022 12:00 AM

Political games

For those of you who are new to Montana and are unfamiliar with the politics in this state, take heart. We have a game we play here called, “Democrats and Republicans.”

The powers-that-be in both parties recognized years ago that if they can get the voting public focused on playing the game, no one will ever look at the candidate. And here no one ever does. In mass, the voters are not very sophisticated in Montana.

For example, my older brother just died at 83. When he turned 21, he signed-over his voting rights to the Republican Party. He gave them carte blanche to do his voting for him. He never once looked at a candidate in his entire voting life and never looked back.

As a consequence to that, in Montana even flaming-liberals and Democrats run for office on the Republican ticket, because no one ever looks.

It is essential that you never get caught up in the grand-delusion of “Democrats and Republicans.” Look for your candidate in the Republican Party and all will be well, because all is well.

— Ed Dramer, Kalispell

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