Saturday, June 03, 2023

Law roundup: Man gets ranch dressing fix, restaurant suspicious

by Daily Inter Lake
| February 8, 2023 12:00 AM

Columbia Falls Police Department responded to a report that a man was “creeping around” a restaurant and peering in the front of the closed business. The man allegedly asked employees what time they opened and if they had any ranch dressing then slowly drove through the parking lot before leaving. The man told an officer staff gave him ranch dressing and he left.

Officers spoke to a man leaving work about running across a busy street in front of traffic.

An officer checked on a man parked on the side of the highway and he told them he was waiting for his girlfriend when his driver’s license returned suspended. He said the vehicle wasn’t pulled into her driveway because her parents did not approve of him. She came out and provided her valid license and he was advised of his warrants.

A dog, described as looking like a small black bear, was reportedly wagging its tail when a man wearing an orange hat, black gloves and a two-toned brown shirt kicked and shoved the dog down while it was tied to a fence.

A stop sign reportedly kept getting knocked over and ended up in a bucket by the police department and someone wanted to talk to an officer about it. The person was told the Public Works Department was taking care of it.

Kalispell Police Department received a report of a stop sign at an intersection that was gone, nowhere to be found.

A man and woman in a vehicle were allegedly seen heating up tinfoil and using a straw to ingest drugs in a parking lot.

A man sitting in a blue pickup with its hazards on parked just inside an entrance was purportedly “stalking the neighborhood,” because he had “looked up and down the street.”

A man flagged down an officer in an alley because he thought he left his phone at a business he was kicked out of and asked if they could get it for him. The business did not have his phone.

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