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November 19, 2019 8:04 p.m.

Community rallies to support Glacier High following death of guidance counselor

Counselors and therapists throughout the valley are supporting Glacier High School staff and students following the reported death by suicide of guidance counselor Jerad Avery on Monday.

August 18, 2019 4 a.m.

Trump's affinity for tyrannical leaders

I couldn’t disagree more with the points Mickale Carter was attempting to make in his letter (July 25). In particular, Mr. Carter’s view that Trump’s rhetoric regarding the so-called “Squad” is a mere “political disagreement” cannot be reasonably supported.

January 6, 2019 4 a.m.

Letters to the editor Jan. 6

Dr. Michael Boharski recently wrote about the exorbitant cost of healthcare here in our valley and our country. A “Medicare for All” plan would alleviate this problem by guaranteeing that all Montanans receive high-quality health care they need regardless of their economic and social status.

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