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October 17, 2021 midnight

One for the campfire

The plan a couple of weeks ago was to meet the Flathead Paddlers group I belong to at the Glacier Park boat inspection station, then drive up to Sprague Creek campground to launch our kayaks on Lake McDonald — at least that’s what I thought the plan was.

Former Montana Gov. Marc Racicot warns republic is at risk
December 18, 2021 noon

Former Montana Gov. Marc Racicot warns republic is at risk

Former Montana Gov. Marc Racicot warned that fidelity is in jeopardy in America, not only in regard to the state and national constitutions, but to the country's spirit as well. He also said there are serious warning signs that the U.S. Constitution and republic are at risk.

September 28, 2021 midnight

Symposium demand: Everybody claim their vote

Despite fraud allegations, record supports Montana election integrity

Some Republican Montana legislators are drumming up support for a special committee to look into the 2020 election results in Missoula and possibly all of Montana, continuing a call for scrutiny of outcomes already certified multiple times.

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