Saturday, September 19, 2020

Basketball a pass for woman

| August 3, 2020 1:00 AM

A woman complained to Kalispell Police Department about neighbors playing basketball, running in and out of the house and “making a lot of noise.” The noise issue had purportedly gone on for two years and she believed the children’s parents encouraged them “to make noise,” due to her complaints. Officers counseled the kids and advised her to call back if the behavior continued.

A man called police to retrieve an 18-speed bicycle that showed up on his lawn, but had much larger matters to deal with when he called back after finding a person sleeping in his attic. He reportedly held the strange man at gunpoint and they went onto the porch. The man in the attic allegedly thought he lived there, didn’t know where he was supposed to be at, didn’t have a home, had been drinking last night and “may still be a little intoxicated.”

A man claimed his intoxicated girlfriend called him asking for help after she wrecked her vehicle, but went home anyway. She allegedly left the apartment and was “rambling about the wreck being his fault,” and then slashed two tires on his vehicle with a kitchen knife.

Someone claimed two rugs were stolen from their home and there wasn’t a break in, but there were people staying at their house.

Three to four “young kids” in an old gray truck were purportedly “looking for trouble” when they blocked a man from being able to back out of his parking spot in a lot off U.S. 93 North. The kids allegedly moved when he picked up his phone. The man claimed it appeared “they were looking for items they could take.”

A man was reportedly “choked out” when five people jumped him at a bar. While on the phone with police, someone allegedly spit on him.

A later call came in from a bartender who alleged a man hit someone in the face and was outside refusing to leave.

A woman claimed her fiance locked her and her infant out of their hotel room and told police they needed to search the hotel as soon as possible because there were drugs being sold there. Police reportedly offered to give her a ride to another hotel, but she refused saying law enforcement would only arrest her. She was advised it was hotel staff, not her fiancee, who locked her out of the room and that they couldn’t simply search a room without going through the proper legal channels. She was “very unhappy” and hung up.

A woman sitting in a lawn chair outside was reportedly yelling “disgusting freaks,” to no one and then began walking on West Montana Street.

A man was talking very fast to dispatchers when the line disconnected. On the call back, it was difficult for dispatchers to understand him, but he seemed to be yelling about someone riding his stolen bicycle down Main Street, and hung up on dispatchers again.

A woman’s boyfriend was reportedly physically blocking her from leaving a residence after a verbal argument and began following her around, yelling and opening every door she tried to close.

A man in a drive-thru purportedly appeared to be “spaced out” because he wasn’t pulling forward when the car in front of him moved. He also supposedly pulled an assault rifle out the back of his truck and walked to the front of it, but then walked past it, which made someone suspicious.

Someone allegedly thought a man driving a vehicle with a handicap placard, who was “roaming around the east side of town” may have been the person “pounding” on people’s doors.