Saturday, December 09, 2023

Warren Illi: Flathead Outdoors

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Exploring Montana's backroads

If you want to enjoy this week’s Outdoor column, you must set your clock back 100 years or more as we explore a ba…

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Snoozing on the job

Our general rifle season for deer and elk ended last Sunday. If you are like me, after many days of hunting starting in September, first for grouse, then archery hunting for deer and elk, then ducks & pheasants and…

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Know where you stand

The phrase “know where you stand” is the ad line for the Missoula based cell phone app used by millions of hunters to assist them in hunting.

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The many joys of early autumn

Ah September, one of my favorite months of the year. Our days are warm and sunny, with crisp cool nights and tons of opportunities to go hunting, fishing, hiking or camping.

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Getting in the game with trail cameras

I recently received a new issue of a bow hunting magazine. It included their annual review of new bow hunting gear. There were over 60 pages of new bow hunting…

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Right to bear arms

Here we are in the middle of the Fourth of July week.

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A fishing lure junkie

As you read this column about fishing, my wife, son and friend from Kalispell will be on our way to Northern Manitoba for some world class fishing.

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Kokanee salmon management

One of the most favorite fisheries in Northwest Montana is the Kokanee salmon. These hard fighting, good eating fish are a favorite of anglers and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

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New angling opportunities in Montana

Similar to most fishermen or should I say anglers, since there are some very dedicated local lady anglers, I am always looking for more information about how t…

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Pass the WD-40

It’s springtime in the Flathead! For the outdoor minded resident, we have a host of options for outdoor fun.

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2023 elk hunting regs in Montana

Montana is usually ranked as one of America’s best elk hunting states. Deer, antelope, mountain sheep, game birds and numerous other wildlife species are the annual targets of over 100,000 Montana hunters.

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Wolf management

Our legislators are busy at work trying to save Montana taxpayers some money.

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In pursuit of yellow perch

Wow, it’s February and we are past the half- way point in our winter.

Updated 10 months, 3 weeks ago
Grizzly management a public safety issue

Montana biologists have many challenges when managing many of the world class wildlife populations of elk, mountain sheep and other wildlife species found in Montana.

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Opening day his finally here

Opening day. Those words have an almost sacred meaning if you are one of the 100,000 or more Montana resident hunters and thousands of non-resident hunters that will be welcoming the opening of the general rifle se…