Saturday, September 19, 2020

Accidental 911 calls run the gamut in Whitefish

| August 7, 2020 1:00 AM

A woman who dropped her phone in the toilet at a Whitefish residence was trying to clean it off when she accidentally called 911, according to the Whitefish Police Department. And there were plenty of other errant emergency calls. A 911 call was the result of a driver accidentally hitting the SOS button in his vehicle near the mirror. Other mistaken 911 calls came from the lake, near the tennis courts, a 10-year-old butt dialer and from someone who had her hands full with food from the store.

The director of nursing at a medical facility called to report a missing drug pack. An internal investigation was done but a police report needed to be filed.

A caller from Calgary was remotely watching his home on his cameras and called to report there were people walking around who had no business being there and people were parking in his driveway.

A caller wanted police officers to “pay closer attention to what those people are doing.” Specifically, the people were holding anti-Trump signs and yelling at him because he was wearing a Trump mask.

A broken down Silverado left some people stranded on Big Mountain. They called to get help to get back to their campground.

Someone said a neighbor was intentionally parking his truck in a way which forces his kids to ride their bikes out into the street to get around it.

Someone was warned for urinating in public.

A caller said the music at the lodge was too loud, but an officer’s investigation determined the band wasn’t performing.

A young girl who was sleep-walking was found safe.

A man called due to concern over his girlfriend not returning home after being out with friends. He said he would call back in the morning if it was necessary.

Someone reported to Columbia Falls Police a gold Tahoe with pink license plates hauling a boat was parked in a no parking zone on Diane Road.

The manager of a sandwich shop called to report a woman who repeatedly called the business to complain about her sibling not receiving his paychecks. The manager said the checks were in the mail, but the ex-employee said he hadn’t received them, so the sister continued the calls. She was advised to not call any more.

Someone reported a mother for calling her 12-year-old son names and screaming obscenities at him. Apparently the boy was having difficulty understanding mom is in charge. They both received helpful advice.

A man trying to get a few hours of sleep was told to move along.