Saturday, September 19, 2020

Grandma: loud music could start war

| August 8, 2020 1:00 AM

A grandmother was worried because her neighbors were playing loud music and her grandson started playing loud music “in retaliation.” She was concerned because she said her grandson “has a short temper.” She warned the Kalispell Police Department “there is going to be a war.”

Another grandmother thought her granddaughter was in danger when the granddaughter texted her, saying she thought someone might be trying to get into the condo where she was staying. An officer checked out the area and the granddaughter was apparently all right.

Someone was choking at a fast food restaurant in North Kalispell, but they got the item dislodged and refused an ambulance.

A wild driver was reportedly stopping in the middle of the intersection at stop lights. Montana Highway Patrol was advised of the bizarre behavior.

A cat reportedly bit two employees at a car wash when employees tried to remove the animal from a vehicle. The cat was impounded and an officer spoke with a person whose residence was registered with the vehicle where the cat originated. However, that person said she was “not missing a cat and did not know a cat.”

A stop sign went missing from an intersection on Woodland Avenue.

Someone at a nursery thought a dog in a blue car “look[ed] hot,” but an officer visited the parking lot and couldn’t find any cars or dogs matching the description from the call.

A man wanted police to check on his wife, who he claimed was smoking meth in their garage, and complained about her selling a vehicle that belonged to both of them. Based on the man’s limited information and varying stories, law enforcement informed the man “his requests were not feasible.”

A property owner noticed a lot of traffic going to and from a nearby apartment and suspected it must be “drug-related.” KPD did an extra patrol in the neighborhood.

Some young waterpark-goers were reported for drinking alcohol from open containers and entering a waterpark without paying. They were asked to leave the park for the day by law enforcement and they each went home with parents.

Another concerned community elder called the police because he suspected young people at a fast-food drive-through were drinking alcohol in a car. The caller put the 911 dispatcher on hold to order his own food at the drive-through window.

An intoxicated man outside a casino threatened to burn down a hotel and throw rocks at people. He never actually acted on these threats and eventually wandered off.