Saturday, September 19, 2020

Letters to the editor Aug. 9

| August 9, 2020 1:00 AM

I love the fair. I love the shows, carnival and rodeo. But having worked at the fairgrounds for many years, I also know about the crowds. I’m sorry, but social distancing is not possible.

As Montana citizens, we are being asked to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. We can ask no less of our community leaders to do the same.

Please, do not hold the fair this year.

—Sharon Chase, Kalispell

TV news lately has been highlighting some history of injustices towards blacks. Since neither I nor any of my associates ever directly discriminated against any person of color, just who should be the object of black protest? I’ve compiled a short list:

1. The Democratic party. Democrats have been in opposition of every civil right legislation for 150 years and even spawned the KKK. Yes, the bills finally passed with bipartisan support, but the ratios of for and against were greatly skewed. Simply saying bipartisan support is not telling the whole story.

2. The self-proclaimed elite professors who write textbooks and failed to mention numerous atrocities leaving my generation uneducated as to many Black issues. We simply didn’t know.

3. An even worse contribution of the textbooks and science curriculum was, and is, the teaching of Darwinian evolution. Blacks should be incensed at this unscientific indoctrination. It was openly taught in the late 19th and well into the 20th century that Blacks were much lower on the evolutionary tree than whites. This is a blatant unscientific lie which resulted in whole generations indoctrinated in a false belief.

4. Mainstream news didn’t stand up and inform the public of any of the above.

5. Slave traders, or better yet, those who supplied slaves — African tribes.

My humble advice to my brothers and sisters of color: Democrats have historically been in opposition to your rights and ruined families and promoted poverty with ingenuous “gifts” - welfare, Medicaid, subsidized housing, etc. The major cities literally under attack by the Black Lives Matter anarchists are run by Democrats. They are allowing criminals to ruin your/our cities. They sure don’t deserve your votes.

Protest peacefully and lawfully. Destroying and vandalizing property doesn’t help your cause. Make your demands reasonable. You definitely have equal rights. Demanding more than equal will only make enemies of the majority.

Republicans are not perfect, but voting for them at least gives us a chance to save the country and move ahead with civil rights issues. Vote for them and then keep pressuring them to do the right thing.

—Gary Goers, Kalispell

Montana Governor Bullock aspires to be a national leader, but it’s difficult to take him seriously when he avoids publicly commenting on the obvious mob terrorism and property destruction rampant in our nation.

Our Governor has failed to publicly reject the war being waged on our police officers, thus, with his silence, implicitly supporting those anarchists that have violently terrorized our cities and destroyed public and private properties, calling for defunding our police. It would seem that he favors mob rule over rule of law.

Failing to publicly support the police, while surrounding himself with his personal security detail, seems hypocritical, at best.

This man, who talks the bipartisan talk, walks the walk of far left liberalism.

Montana, I believe, is not ready to elect a senator who seems more interested in courting liberal donors than in doing what’s right for our nation. Moving the balance of the Senate dangerously in the direction of Socialism is very dangerous.

Socialism has never, not once, worked in the history of civilized man. Venezuela is a recent poster child for Socialism. Let’s not make that mistake. Please vote to reelect Senator Daines this November.

—Robert L Schaap, Bozeman

Wow! “Sister Act” opened at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse and will easily be the highlight of the season, sparked by great singing, top-shelf acting and spot-on directing from Broadway’s Dan Sharkey. Bet you can’t remember the last time a brilliant onstage dressing change brought the house down!

Desiree Williams and Katie Swaney belt out tours de force and front a cast studded with sparkling diamonds. The Spanish pistol scene alone is worth the price of admission.

Whoopi would be proud!

—Andy Palchak, Kalispell