Saturday, September 19, 2020

Shade thrown on man’s sunny day

| August 9, 2020 1:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department reportedly counseled a man in a tent at Lions Park about city ordinances. The man claimed he was not camping, but told police he would pack up his “shade shelter.”

Parents reportedly called 911 on accident during a struggle to take away their teen daughter’s phone and turn it off. While there were allegedly no injuries reported, the father expressed his frustration over all the phone issues to police.

The amount of shell casings that allegedly fell out of a man’s vehicle made someone suspicious. The tall, skinny man was reportedly wearing a hoodie and hiding his face. The person told officers they would be at the location vacuuming their vehicle if anyone needed to see some of the shell casings left behind.

Someone was purportedly upset and concerned with things going on in the neighborhood and wanted to know if law enforcement was doing anything to stop what was going on lately. Their questions were answered.

The passenger door of a sedan was reportedly open on a moving vehicle on the bypass.

A bouncer allegedly called police and said a man, who had been punched, was lying unconscious by a pool table and was bleeding from the mouth and nose. The suspect reportedly left in a dark gray SUV.

An employee reportedly received third-hand information from customers that a drunk man was holding a pressure washing wand in one car wash stall, however, his vehicle was in the adjacent stall.