Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Boyfriend adds fuel to the fire during fight

| August 29, 2020 12:35 AM

During an argument, a woman threw her boyfriend’s dinner into a campfire and then he retaliated by throwing her medication into the fire, too. She warned a Flathead County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher, “you will read my name in the newspaper.” Her boyfriend was cited for criminal mischief and she was transported to her residence in Columbia Falls.

Numerous callers contacted the Sheriff’s Office over the course of a few days with suspected reports of a baby that had gone missing, even though many of these supposed sightings did not match any of the descriptions of the abducted child and the child was located safe on Tuesday.

Someone suspected two men parked in a vehicle in a turnout were “smoking drugs” in the car.

An inebriated man was reported because someone thought he might’ve hit his head, but none of the people around him would admit to being the one to call law enforcement. He apparently seemed “awake and competent” so the call was deemed “unfounded.”

A man said his wife, who might not have been the most skilled driver, nearly drove into a semi truck parked in their road. There was apparently “plenty of room to get around” the semi truck.

A neighbor called with a very lively account of a party occurring near her residence. She said subjects across the street were “being very loud” and there was an SUV parked in front of the part house, “blasting music.” The annoyed neighbor reportedly flashed a flashlight at the SUV and a woman there yelled that the caller should “stop threatening her.” The caller also believed there were ongoing issues at the location with “drugs and prostitution.”

Someone was worried when they saw a man looking inside a building with a light. It turned out the suspicious character was the night watchman for the business and he was employed by the company in the building.

A woman called because she apparently had been accused of selling marijuana. While she was on the phone with the dispatcher, she apparently could be heard yelling to someone in the background that she had “not been selling to anyone.” However, she denied any kind of current altercation going on at the time of the call.

Someone on Willow Glen Drive in Kalispell said he heard two cars racing, although he didn’t actually see the vehicles.

A caller saw some young people moving a picnic table and thought the ruffians might be destroying property.

A pair of dogs apparently attacked a cat, but fortunately the three-legged feline—who had already been missing one leg before the altercation—seemed to be fine.