Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Man emerges from woods, shoots at Census taker

| August 30, 2020 2:00 AM

A man allegedly emerged from the woods on Haywire Gulch in Kalispell and shot at a person who told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office they worked for the Census Bureau. The person was not injured and told deputies the man shot above their truck while they were trying to find an address.

Deputies received a request to patrol Third Street in Whitefish by someone who purportedly saw the shadow of a man in an alley and thought he might be breaking into a neighbor’s vehicle.

A bag of needles was reportedly found on Blacktail Road in Lakeside and someone wanted to know what to do with them because they thought they were related to drug use.

Someone thought two men and a woman were possibly intoxicated, or fighting, when they were allegedly throwing a windshield squeegee violently into the air in a parking lot on U.S. 2 in Kalispell.

A Kalispell woman allegedly ended a friendship over the friend’s “violent tendencies,” and involvement with methamphetamine. She claimed the former friend was harassing her, posting her address on social media, calling her landlord and her family to make false accusations, and she wanted it all documented because she was in the process of filing a temporary restraining order.

Two dogs were attacking chickens on First Street in Kila and a woman was concerned they would attack her husband. Officers issued a citation for “one count dog at large.”

A man was reportedly walking on Main Street in Kila with a rifle “looking for a dog he wanted to kill,” possibly the same dog that attacked the chickens.

A bicyclist allegedly thought a vehicle tried to intentionally hit him on Montclair Drive in Kalispell.

A Bigfork woman reportedly wanted officers to defuse a situation where she and a man had gotten into an argument and he wouldn’t let her leave the residence. Parties agreed to separate for the night.

A pickup driver was allegedly seen holding a beer on U.S. 93 in Whitefish.