Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Estranged wife steals key, puts noose in tree

| August 31, 2020 1:00 AM

A man’s house keys were reportedly stolen and he told Kalispell Police Department he suspected his wife, noting they were separated and claiming she had put a noose in a tree outside their house.

An older man in an orange sweater was allegedly seen in the children’s aisle of a big box store taking photos and videos of kids and following them around.

Someone reportedly left a hose on overnight and flooded their neighbor’s basement. The neighbor was advised to file an insurance claim and open a civil suit if he saw fit.

A concerned mother alleged a drone was outside of her daughter’s window and told police she wasn’t sure if it was the same drone that had followed her daughter the day before.

A homeless man in Woodland Park reportedly asked someone to call police and have them meet him because his backpack, which contained blood pressure medication, was stolen the day before.

A man allegedly asked for help getting to a truck stop after being released from the hospital. When he was advised to call a cab or Uber, he claimed he couldn’t afford one. When he was told that law enforcement isn’t a taxi service, he was insistent police would help him, however, he didn’t know where he was only that he was in Kalispell.

A woman reportedly thought a sweet smelling oily substance she found in the “pet area” of a complex could be poison. She collected a sample to get tested at a vet, but wanted officers to know there had been past incidents where tenants tried to poison dogs. She was advised to call back if she gathered additional information suggesting criminal activity.

Several people purportedly went to an art event and refused to wear masks and then started yelling and swearing at organizers.

A man was reportedly jumped on the west side of town by a school. He allegedly told officers that nothing was taken, but two men were following him and his friend in a vehicle and one of them pulled out a gun and fired two shots. No one was injured and three men were taken into custody.

Dispatchers called back a phone number related to a 911 hangup only to be hung up on twice and have voicemail that wasn’t set picked up a third time. Eventually, they made contact with an apologetic woman who said there was no emergency and that she thought the dispatcher’s calls were political robo calls.