Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Man has bone to pick with government

| December 2, 2020 12:00 AM

An angry man called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to complain “that all government was bad and corrupt,” allegedly based on his father’s experience as a law enforcement officer in Texas. The caller also told the dispatcher about a friend who was reportedly given $300 million dollars, and then he hung up.

A man bought a “mud truck” and attended a bonfire near a residence, and these events somehow led the man to the discovery of a person with warrants out for his arrest.

Someone reported a man purposely overdosed on sleeping pills, but even after supposedly ingesting the medication, the man was conscious, standing, and engaging in an argument with his girlfriend. Officers investigated the situation and determined it was simply a verbal dispute between the couple—no sleeping pills were taken.

The driver of a blue Ford Explorer received her fifth citation for the vehicle, and although she was supposed to be cited after four citations, the officer who responded told her she would be ticketed and towed the next time she got into trouble with the SUV.

A female trespasser apparently returned to a man’s residence in Hungry Horse after being removed from the property a week earlier. She allegedly pounded on the man’s window and then drove away in a truck that the caller described as a “weird color between brown and gray.”

A talkative toddler was overheard “babbling” in the background of an accidental 911 call. Officers made contact with his guardian and it turned out the child had been playing with the phone.

A caring caller in Kalispell asked for assistance putting down a deer that got stuck in a fence and seemed unable to walk after it got free.