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Woman fears SUV will crash into her home

| December 28, 2020 12:00 AM

A worried woman told Kalispell Police Department that an SUV drove by three times and almost hit her house. She was concerned the SUV would either cause a wreck or crash into her house.

A woman complained that a neighbor’s new puppy constantly barked. She reportedly didn’t want the dog owner to know she called.

Mail was reported stolen from a man’s mailbox and he told officers the letters contained $20 checks for charities. He also reported the incident to his bank.

Someone was helping a couple out by jumping their vehicle when they allegedly noticed the people were doing drugs and the woman, who appeared to be highly intoxicated, had a knife in her hand. Officers reportedly seized a small amount of marijuana.

Three to four people were reportedly hanging out on the side of a building for a couple of hours and had an extension cord hooked up to it that went to something inside their car. When an employee asked them to leave they refused. The vehicle left before officers arrived.

Someone requested officers check on a woman found sleeping in her vehicle when she reportedly did not respond when they knocked on the window.

Staff members at a location allegedly asked for police assistance in handling an “unruly subject,” who eventually left without incident.

A dog that allegedly kept “coming out of nowhere,” went after a child.

A woman who was trying to call her aunt accidentally called 911 instead.

A drug user was purportedly harassing someone by phone and social media. The man then showed up at their residence uninvited.

Three trucks were driving recklessly in a parking lot.

A driver “missed the approach” of a motel driveway and was “very stuck.” A tow truck was called.

A Suburban spotted spinning around the parking lot at Woodland Park reportedly almost hit three vehicles.

A resident purportedly asked officers to do extra patrol to make sure that no one broke into their home because their garage was broken and it was partially open.