Wednesday, January 20, 2021

1229 LAW: Caller shares ‘world is ending’ prophecy

| December 29, 2020 12:00 AM

Dispatchers received a call from someone whose voice had an accent, and could be heard on the open line shouting prophecies that the world was ending and saying, “I love you,” multiple times. The person then said, “God bless America,” and the call disconnected.

Someone called Flathead County Sheriff's Office alleging two vehicles were engaged in a “demolition derby” at a closed park and at least one hit some trees, which may have been accidental. At one point, men got out of their vehicles and fought. It took several calls to find an available tow truck to haul away one of the vehicles that had its front-end damage and “all four tires up.”

People in the area of Beach Road in Bigfork were purportedly causing problems for a man who claimed they were “zapping him in the head,” which was affecting his neck and back. He requested extra patrol.

An elderly Bigfork woman who couldn’t hear very well may have gone to the fire department to report that her son had her car and wouldn’t return it, before she walked back to her condo. Officers spoke with both parties. The vehicle reportedly had been purchased with the understanding they would share the car, but there was disagreement on who was making the payments. Both agreed they could work the issue out.

A Collier Lane resident in Kalispell allegedly woke up to find the backdoor open, which wouldn’t shut, and footprints in the snow, but nothing appeared to be missing. The door may have been frozen and not damaged.