Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Firewood goes missing in Columbia Falls

| December 30, 2020 12:00 AM

An employee called the Columbia Falls Police Department and said a man and woman in a Dodge Durango stole several bundles of firewood.

In an unrelated incident, two men and a woman in a dark gray four-door car stole some beer from a grocery store.

A 2-year-old playing with a deactivated cellphone nevertheless made a 911 call with the device.

A man reported someone left the air out of his tires and poured something into his gas tank.

Someone reported a neighbor who continued to blast music beginning early in the morning.

A caller reported a man in a grandstand who seemed suspicious. A police officer determined he was taking a walk and stopped to enjoy the sun.

Someone reported hearing sounds of people racing or revving their engine. One neighbor went outside to yell at them. It turned out to be a motor home driver who got stuck on the ice. An officer gave the driver salt to try and get free, but if it didn’t work, the person would just stay there for the night.

An employee reported seeing several people leaving the casino and getting into a fight, but the fracas soon stopped.

A woman reported receiving several harassing phone calls from an unknown person. Officers suggested she block the phone number.

A mother called to report her child’s yellow Lab was missing. It had a brown leather collar but no tags.

A driver was counseled about his winter driving behavior.

One traffic stop revealed both ladies had outstanding warrants in Great Falls, Lake County and Kalispell.

It was reported a man driving a black Hummer-style SUV struck a fire hydrant. The caller said no water was coming out of the hydrant but was concerned if everything still worked properly.

A person was bit by a cat on Christmas day and went to the hospital for treatment. Officials there called the health department to record the incident.

A former store employee made harassing calls to a current employee who said she was concerned he may come to where she works. A record check showed he has been violent with jail guards and a history of drug and alcohol use.