Thursday, January 21, 2021

Man’s road rage is a swing and a miss

| July 19, 2020 1:00 AM

A man was tailgating someone who decided to pull over. The man purportedly took this as a cue to also pull over and get out his bat. Not wanting to find out what bat man had in mind, the person took off, but they wanted to report the incident to Kalispell Police Department in case he did this to someone else.

A woman allegedly received information from children that three youths went into her apartment through a window and stole food and other items. They also purportedly cut a screen on a residence across the street to get a cat. She reportedly wanted officers to talk with the youths and “scare them.”

A verbal disturbance was reportedly caught on video at a store where a man, who had supposedly been kicked out of the establishment before, threatened and yelled at someone about face masks. Officer’s were cautioned of the man’s history with law enforcement.

Someone wanted to report drug activity, prostitution and money laundering and “wanted to know why this hasn’t been turned over to the city attorney.”

A woman allegedly received text messages from a man stating he was going to “blast her.”