Thursday, January 21, 2021

People unleash their ire in drive-thrus

| July 20, 2020 1:00 AM

A man in a big red truck reportedly threatened to run into a woman in a sedan while they were in a drive-thru because he thought she cut him off in line. The man and the woman’s boyfriend started yelling at each other in the parking lot and rocks may have been thrown. Someone told Kalispell Police Department that one of the men yelled he had a baby in the car. Employees intervened to stop the nonsense and parties were separated.

Another “unhappy customer” was allegedly refusing to leave a business and stood at a drive-thru window “in a threatening manner,” with his arms crossed, which “scared” other customers from leaving. The man, who was dressed in a suit and tie, claimed he was an attorney, as if that was supposed to change everything.

Things purportedly got “heated” at a hotel front desk when people were refused service while trying to book a room, so they just stood there, taking up space, and making the line longer.

A woman walking her dog allegedly became hysterical when she thought four men screaming at each other, possibly about drugs, might become violent. She reportedly thought they were going to start shooting guns, so she dropped her purse, picked up her dog, ran into some bushes and hid. The incident remained a verbal disturbance only. One of the men had reportedly left the keys to his truck for another person when he was arrested. When the truck was returned a backpack was supposedly missing, which led to the argument.