Thursday, January 21, 2021

Assault over mask alleged in C-Falls

| July 22, 2020 1:00 AM

A woman messaged her mother on social media that she was assaulted in a Columbia Falls grocery store for not properly wearing a mask, according to the Columbia Falls Police Department. The daughter said her phone wasn’t working so the mother then called police to report the incident.

An improperly secured load of hay bales ended up on Nucleus Avenue. Police had to direct traffic and the bales were moved to the corner. Later, the driver returned to collect the bales after being alerted they were no longer on the truck.

A few underage girls were taken home by officers after they violated curfew. A male juvenile was released.

A 911 call in Whitefish turned out to be a man having issues with his phone dialing.

Someone called the Whitefish Police Department with questions about the mask ordinance. They were answered.

Another caller was concerned about construction trucks parking on both sides of the road. The person said “no parking” signs are on one side of the road. The person said the trucks were difficult to get around.

A caller was told by someone her purse had been turned into the police department. When she called the police, she learned they didn’t have it. She later found the purse in her vehicle.

Another accidental 911 call turned out to be a man who was planning on getting a haircut.

The owner of a Toyota called because her vehicle was towed and a citation was issued for parking in a no parking zone. She said when she parked the vehicle at 11 a.m. there were no signs indicating she couldn’t park there until after 3 p.m. When the tow company tried to contact the person, she didn’t respond. The citation was later changed to a warning.

A woman who accidentally dialed 911 said she was trying to call an extension.

Yet another 911 call resulted from a man who mistakenly hit the emergency button on his watch.

Someone reported a dog at the dog park being dangerous. When an officer responded the dog was not being dangerous. The caller wanted to know if the man and his dog were banned from the park.

A man’s daughter was playing with his phone at the bowling alley when she dialed 911.

Police were asked to check on a woman who left the hospital on foot and was extremely intoxicated. She was located and dropped off safely at her house.

Someone reported kids were shooting off fireworks in the parking lot of a church. A check of the location revealed no kids, but fireworks could heard in the distance.