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Legals for July, 23 2020

| July 23, 2020 12:00 AM

No. 27127 Montana Eleventh Judicial District Court Flathead County In the Matter of the Name Change of Joshua Lee Pyle: Joshua Lee Pyle, Petitioner Cause No.: DV-20-554A Dept. No.: AMY EDDY Notice of Hearing on Name Change This is notice that Petitioner has asked the District Court for a change of name from Joshua Lee Pyle to Joshua Lee Hammer. The hearing will be on 7/28/2020 at 8:30 a.m. The hearing will be at the Courthouse in Flathead County. Date: June 23, 2020 PEG L. ALLISON Clerk of District Court By: /s/ RACHAEL MITCHELL Deputy Clerk of Court July 2, 9, 16, 23, 2020 MNAXLP __________________________

No. 27172 Service Date: July 20, 2020 DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SERVICE REGULATION BEFORE THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF THE STATE OF MONTANA IN THE MATTER OF RSM Moving, LLC Application for Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity REGULATORY DIVISION DOCKET NO. 2020.07.079 NOTICE OF APPLICATION AND PROTEST DEADLINE On July 9, 2020, RSM Moving, LLC, filed with the Montana Public Service Commission ("Commission") its Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity ("Application"). RSM Moving, LLC, proposes to transport household goods as a Class B rate regulated service originating in Flathead Valley to all points and places within the State of Montana. A copy of the filing is publicly available online at the Commission's website ( under Docket No. 2020.07.079. On March 20, 2020, the Commission issued a Notice of Operational Changes in Response to Coronavirus ("Notice"). Under the "Office Closed to Public" section of the Notice, the Commission outlined a temporary change for office closure during business hours. A copy of the filing is not currently available at the Commission's business office. A copy of the filing may also be available at the office of Montana Consumer Counsel ("MCC"), which represents consumer interests before the Commission, 111 North Last Chance Gulch, Suite 1B, Helena, Montana, telephone (406) 444-2771. The MCC should be contacted to inquire of any operational changes due to coronavirus. Interested parties can register on the Commission's website to be added to the Watch List for notice of filings in this docket (select "EDDI", create ePass account, and under "Watch List" tab, enter Docket No. 2020.07.079). The Commission invites formal protests to RSM Moving, LLC's Application. A party must file a Protest with the Commission no later than August 3, 2020. Protest Applications are available at the Commission's website under the "Regulated Utilities" tab and then the "Transportation" tab. A party seeking to protest must: (1) submit an electronic petition to the Commission's website at ("EDDI, Customer Portal & E-Filing" icon); (2) physically mail a hard copy of the petition to the MCC at the address stated above; and (3) physically deliver or mail a hard copy to RSM Moving, LLC, 922 4th Ave. E., Kalispell, MT 59901. A filing fee of $500 must accompany the filed Protest. Under the "Electronic Filings" section of the March 20, 2020, Notice, the Commission outlined a temporary change in its policy. All filings must be made in EDDI and hard copies are not required. CDs containing support materials, such as electronic work papers and data, shall still be provided if those files are not uploaded to the EDDI system. Documents will become publicly available on the Commission's website after electronic receipt of the document. Mont. Admin. R. 38.2.303(1). If no written protests are received by August 3, 2020, the Commission may issue a final order on the Application without a public hearing, pursuant to Mont. Code Ann. ยง 69-12-321. The Commission also invites parties who do not wish to formally intervene to submit written public comments on the matter to the Commission address stated above, or through its web-based comment form at ("Documents & Proceedings" tab; select "Comment on a Proceeding"; select "Continue as Guest"; Complete form; select "Submit"). Comments must be received no later than August 3, 2020. The Commission's jurisdiction over this Application is found in Title 69 and Title 2, Chapter 4 of the Montana Code Annotated, and Title 38, Chapters 2 and 3 of the Montana Administrative Rules, and any prior Orders of the Commission which may bear on the issues presented herein. DONE AND DATED this 20th day of July, 2020, by delegation to Commission Staff. BY THE MONTANA PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION BOB LAKE, Chairman BRAD JOHNSON, Vice Chairman ROGER KOOPMAN, Commissioner TONY O'DONNELL, Commissioner RANDALL PINOCCI, Commissioner July 23, 2020 MNAXLP __________________________