Thursday, January 21, 2021

No good deed goes unpunished

| July 23, 2020 1:00 AM

A woman reported a male friend hit her in the head with a flashlight after she arrived to give him a ride home from work. He then allegedly bit her finger. She declined treatment and the man was later arrested by Kalispell Police officers and jailed.

Police officers were called to a drive-thru for a woman passed out in her vehicle. The woman was obviously drunk so she was taken to jail and the car was towed.

Someone called about a trailer parked in front of a house. It had a bunch of junk in it, but it wasn’t blocking traffic. It appeared people were either moving in or out of the home.

A woman was sitting in her backyard when another woman walked up beside her and kept looking around suspiciously. The other woman said she was looking for her dog. The woman sitting in her backyard then said she saw a woman parked down the alley and there was a dog in the backseat. She said it seemed odd.

Someone had questions about doing a celebration about the 19th amendment.

A man came to the police department in an effort to press charges against someone who had slapped him last summer.

A man in a suit was arguing with staff about the mask issue. Fortunately the man calmed down and no one had to respond.

A purple tricycle was quickly targeted by thieves after the owner forgot to lock it up.

A transient man who was hanging around a business asking people for change made them uncomfortable and was moved along.

A woman’s 4-year-old daughter was playing with her phone and accidentally called 911.

Someone reported a group of thugs were in a 4-wheeler under a shade tree at a grocery store. A computer check showed it was stolen.

Someone said a man on an e-bike was driving over the speed limit on First Street East. It didn’t have a plate but had white tires.

A caller said her son was drunk and passed out on the steps before he began wondering around. He then went into the garden area and urinated. She wanted him moved along, but he left before officers arrived.

A woman reported someone stole two suitcases from the sidewalk outside of a store. A bystander saw another woman put the luggage into a red car. Officers were going to look at video footage.

A man and his wife both called about a skunk wandering in circles in the road. The caller received information on who to call about a nuisance animal.

Someone reported their neighbors weren’t cleaning up after their dog and the smell was not pleasant. An officer left a card for the offender and she later called to report she was picking up the deposits while they spoke.

A caller said she is exempt from wearing a mask because she is a disabled veteran, but the college told her if she doesn’t they will call police. She was told there were several other options for her if she chose, but she needed to abide by the school’s request.

Someone in the IT department said they accidentally dialed 911.