Thursday, January 21, 2021

Handicapped parking spot spurs spat

| July 24, 2020 1:00 AM

An elderly couple was apparently “disputing” a handicapped parking space, a business employee told the Columbia Falls Police Department. The man eventually left the business and went home.

A woman was worried about her roommate after she found a “white residue” in a small bag in their apartment living room.

An employee was worried after a couple started “screaming” at each other and then the woman drove off “erratically” down Nucleus Avenue with children in the vehicle.

A woman said a man stole her truck and drove to a liquor store in Columbia Falls.

A woman at a residence was given a copy of the city’s weed ordinance.

A Columbia Falls woman accidentally called 911, and when an officer followed up on the call the woman on the line told him she was “half-asleep.”

A man who didn’t have any children of his own was seen circling around a playground and talking to a parent about how “social” her young daughter seemed. The mother called the Kalispell Police Department to tell them the childless man “seemed odd.”

A dog owner was upset because she said her dog had been picked up “on its own property,” even though it was taken into the custody of animal control from a fitness center parking lot.

Guests at a lodging facility apparently got into their room but refused to give their payment information at the front desk. It turned out the uncooperative lodgers had previously received a felony and a misdemeanor charge, although it was unclear if those offenses were related to hotel stays.

Someone called the police because they found empty boxes in a parking lot.

A restaurant employee called the police on a man lying on the grass in front of the restaurant. Apparently the man was having issues with his back.

An employer said an employee “skipped out” of work on Saturday and “stole a bunch of items” on his way out.

Two female shoppers got into an altercation over mask rules, and a woman who wasn’t wearing a mask was apparently “swatted twice on the arm.” She called the police to learn about mask rules, but when she was informed of the regulations “she did not agree.”