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Loose horse might be hungry

| July 25, 2020 1:00 AM

A horse might have been hungry when it got loose on U.S. 2 and created a traffic hazard near Hungry Horse. The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office called the brand inspector and the horse was soon tied up and returned to its owner.

A woman said she heard “five gunshots and a scream,” although she couldn’t specify exactly where the noises originated. She did “not think it could be fireworks,” but an officer found out it was indeed fireworks.

A woman in a cowboy hat, who apparently carries a knife, was causing problems at a bar. A bartender followed her outside to ask if she was all right, and she warned the employee to walk away “before she does anything dangerous.” She eventually drove off in a black truck.

A hiker discovered a damaged donation box near a trailhead and said it appeared someone in a truck had tried to drag the box out of its position.

A homeowner suspected her neighbor had deliberately moved one of the boulders at the edge of her property when she found the boulder out of place by about two feet. She told an officer her neighbor had previously confessed to moving her boulders around. An officer contacted the suspicious neighbor, who reported she “did not see or hear anything,” but she alleged the boulder owner “was a difficult person.”

A Kila man drove away from a doctor’s office while still under anesthesia. The office manager at the doctor’s office stated “it was very clear that he should not be driving.”

A man was concerned about some very persistent pitbulls in Hungry Horse. He said one of the dogs chased him even after he got into his vehicle, and another time Animal Control drove by while one of the dogs was chasing a truck.

A concerned citizen noticed a crosswalk and accompanying sign had been removed from a road in Columbia Falls and she requested the crossing be re-installed.

A man started “being disorderly” outside an ice cream shop north of Bigfork. He refused to leave, even though the manager asked him to go, and then he started “yelling at everyone.” He was formally prohibited from returning to the ice cream shop.

A man who no longer has custody of his children was worried when they didn’t return from a camping trip. Law enforcement contacted the man’s sister and found out the children were fine.

An airport shuttle driver saw a man lying on railroad tracks, but he was advised there was a crew out on the railroad who likely would have reported any issues to the authorities.

A man wanted another man to be checked on by law enforcement because the second man was living in a storage unit and “not acting right.”