Thursday, January 21, 2021

Fashion police frown on lingerie

| July 28, 2020 1:00 AM

A customer who might believe they are part of the fashion police called Flathead County Sheriff’s Office from U.S. 2 in Columbia Falls to complain a woman at a pool table was wearing “just lingerie,” and you could “see everything,” noting that there were children present. Employees reportedly told them they couldn’t “throw her out due to clothing.”

Deputies received a report from a man on Montana 35 in Bigfork who was allegedly scared by a woman who approached him holding a bucket and asked him to put gas in it. She also asked for water for her dog. The man thought she might be having a mental issue. Deputies counseled the woman about her behavior. She got water and “was satisfied with that.”

A woman allegedly walked up to a Park Avenue residence in Hungry Horse started pounding on the door and yelling. When the door was opened, she walked in and supposedly started punching a sleeping woman.

Teenagers reportedly “tore up” a newly graveled road with four-wheelers, according to someone calling from Locke Bay Drive in Marion.

Someone calling from Creek Bend Court in Kalispell told deputies someone “took a bat” to a mailbox and it was an ongoing issue.

A grapefruit was thrown at a vehicle.

Men working in a building purportedly threatened to come to a man’s house next door with balloons filled with bleach. The resident told Kalispell Police Department he overheard them saying they were going to “bomb his garden.”

A man was allegedly caught on video stopping in front of someone’s residence, urinating and then leaving in a sliver pickup with an extended cab.

A woman supposedly heard shots that possibly turned out to be youths putting firecrackers in the street and cars running over them.

A man allegedly asked a man’s girlfriend if she wanted to see puppies in his white van while she was taking out the trash. The woman walked by the van shortly after the invitation and did not see any puppies. The man reportedly told police he never invited anyone to see puppies because he didn’t have any dogs.

An impaired driver purportedly passed out three times while in a drive-thru, but woke up to smoke.

Someone’s shirtless husband reportedly loses his temper often and on this occasion was outside yelling through the window, calling them names and refusing to leave when they asked him not to come back until he calmed down. Officers counseled the couple.

Store security reportedly told police a vacuum and blender valued at $849.94 were stolen and there were pictures of the suspect and vehicle.

Someone requested police check on the welfare of an elderly man supposedly lying in a scooter. While the person thought he was in his underwear, officers determined he was in his shorts and appeared OK.

A man with a cup in his hand and wearing a face mask was passed out in front of a business someone was trying to access. The person called officers for assistance when he tried to wake him up with no luck.

A man was allegedly angry that someone took his dog from his driveway and then had Animal Control pick it up because he had to pay $130 to get it out and wanted to “file a case against the person who took the dog.”

A man and woman were reportedly shoving each other around.

Someone allegedly “thought the situation didn’t seem right” when they saw a woman being chased by a man. The passerby asked if the situation was OK and she said it was, the man was her boyfriend and she was running “to get space” from him.

Two girls reportedly started fighting on Second Avenue and went inside a house and didn’t want to speak to Columbia Falls Police Department. Officers advised residents that disorderly charges would be brought “if they didn’t settle down.”

A 12-year-old claimed a very large, sweaty, barefoot man threw his bicycle off a cliff. While the youth was able to retrieve the bike, it was supposedly damaged.