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Call 911 for life-threatening emergencies

| July 30, 2020 1:00 AM

Despite not having an emergency, someone on Kings Loop in Kalispell called 911 alleging a restaurant employee “tested positive” and other employees were not wearing masks. The caller confirmed with Flathead County Sheriff’s Office that they didn’t need law enforcement, fire department or medical assistance.

People on Browns Meadow Road in Kila may be getting too carried away with shooting guns and mortar fireworks when someone alleged the noise had been going on for four hours and over three nights, waking up children.

A road rage incident was reported on U.S. 93 in Kalispell and one driver’s alleged response to resolving the situation safely was to slam on his brakes, get out in the middle of the road and slam his fists on another vehicle.

A driver on U.S. 2 in Kalispell allegedly came at another driver with a knife, yelling “I am going to cut you,” because he was taking pictures of his car and then a woman with lots of jewelry in another car honked at him because he didn’t have his blinker on.

A Conrad Drive resident in Kalispell allegedly has an ongoing problem of a neighbor driving by and flipping him off. He requested if deputies came he would like to get better acquainted with them out on the street.

Neighborhood bullies on Parliament Drive in Kalispell were purportedly calling a woman’s children names over the fence and throwing rocks at birds. Deputies counseled the girls.

Officers received two calls about a woman wearing all pink who ran in front of a vehicle on Montana 35 in Kalispell.

Someone reportedly lost their pet coyote on Barnett Road in Columbia Falls. The mostly white dog was wearing a fluorescent orange collar with tags.

Car keys were found at the bottom of a river on Ringneck Drive in Kalispell. A note was left on the vehicle they belonged to and the keys taken for safekeeping and eventually returned to the owner.

Extra patrol by Flathead County Sheriff’s Office was reportedly requested by someone calling from U.S. 2 in West Glacier for the River Bend area because there was an unusual amount of reckless drivers. This time they supposedly saw “private rafters” driving with trailers “too fast and carelessly.”

An elderly man in an RV allegedly had been squatting on property in the area of Airport Road for three days. When someone asked him to move along he supposedly shrugged it off and was said to be incoherent possibly due to age or alcohol.

Someone on Antelope Trail in Whitefish could reportedly see where their 2002 green Yamaha Big Bear was pushed through their yard and stolen. The four-wheeler had “really big tires” with chrome wheels.

A bunch of counterfeit $20 bills were used on U.S. 93 in Whitefish.

Someone’s husband reportedly lost a blue Necky Manitou Sport kayak from his vehicle between Marion and Ashley Lake Road. He turned around to retrieve it, but it was already gone. The kayak had a white paddle in it and fishing rod holder.

Someone on Sirucek Lane in Kalispell was suspicious of a sedan allegedly driving down the road and shining a light into people’s yards then turned around and came back.