Saturday, November 28, 2020

Fire in tree is just moonlight

| July 31, 2020 1:00 AM

Someone on Empire Loop in Kalispell told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office there was a “tree on fire in the subdivision.” The caller said he could see flames, but then he called back and said he realized the fire was actually “just the moon flickering between the trees.”

A woman staying at a friend’s lake cabin accidentally rolled over on her phone in her sleep and called 911.

A man seemed suspicious because he kept looking over his shoulder. An onlooker believed the pedestrian was also “casing” his vehicle. The man started screaming that “someone was chasing him” and an officer got a hold of him.

A woman threatened to burn down a house in Kalispell. She held a match up to a curtain in the home, but apparently stopped short of actually catching the curtain on fire. She was taken to Kalispell Regional Medical Center for a voluntary mental-health evaluation.

After an altercation between a man and his girlfriend, the woman reportedly broke into his house through a window, did a “burnout” and drove away in an old truck. Her boyfriend warned law enforcement she carries a Taser and bear spray, although he said “they were not in play” in their disagreement. She was formally forbidden from returning to the residence.

A caller was worried about some young teenagers she said walk down a railing on a bridge every day. She was worried they would slip and fall, even though they have successfully navigated the railing multiple days in a row.

A neighbor said he had an ongoing issue with a driver “using the road in front of his home as a racetrack.”

A food delivery driver told the Sheriff’s Office one of his customers seemed to be doing drugs with children present. However, he couldn’t remember the address of the home from the previous day’s delivery, so law enforcement was not able to pursue the allegation “due to insufficient information.”

A bothered boater complained a truck driver had parked his truck sideways, taking up all three parking spots at a boat launch except for the handicapped spot. Law enforcement contacted the driver and he promised to redo his parking job.

A woman reported she had been “stalked by a narcissist” for nine weeks in a row. Previously, she dated the alleged narcissist for 15 months.

Another woman believed she was being stalked by a vehicle. She said her house had been broken into about a week earlier, and she was “sure that it [was] related to that earlier case.” The caller suspected her daughter-in-law of stalking her because she was in the process of going through a “contentious divorce” with the woman’s son.